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Greetings, welcome to a new page.  Wedding stories.  We all have em!
Did your special day go exactly as planned?
In retrospect, I realize our wedding day was a peek into how the future would look!
A little chaotic, lots of laughs, filled with surprises and definitely a great memory!

Our WEDDING STORY starts on Dec. 25/1943. Shortly before this I bought Ivy a wrist watch for her birthday and so diamonds were glittering in her eye at Christmas. I bought her a 2 lb. box of Laura Secords and in the centre of the top layer was her ring box with the diamond.  She opened her gift and said chocolates and put the box under the tree. I never knew until then that she didn't eat candy. Her mother came in later and said, candy may I have one.  Ivy said go ahead - she opened the box took one for herself and said to Ivy, you should at least have one (she had seen the box). With that Ivy took one and seen the box and the rest you know. I was in the army and on holiday leave and when I got back to camp after New Years I had to go to the commanding officer to get married and give him the date we had picked, In March it was posted in Orders that i could get married to Ivy June 6th 1944.  That left 2 & a half months.  The first week-end leave we spoke to the Minister Rev. McKinnet from Creighton and that was set. We never had our license and I only got home on week-ends and the office was closed.  Soooo Ivy went in and explained and they gave her a form to send to me to fill out and get back (you had to have the licence three days prior to) well I got said form and asked my Lt. (Officer) to help and he did, This was two weeks prior to wedding. We filled it in and I sent it back to Ivy.  On following Wednesday morning I was on parade and got called to Orderly Room (Office) and I wondered what have I done now. On arriving there I was told to call home immediately, all thoughts go through your head.  I called and Ivy answered and informed me the Officer was getting married to her and not me. We signed the wrong places, soooo I contacted the Officer and explained - he took me to the Orderly Room right away as we were one week away from June 6th.  I was paraded in front of the Col. and he explained to the Col. what happened, so i was given my honeymoon leave as of then and had to be back in camp the following Friday morning at 7 A.M. Well I got home Thursday morning and Ivy and I went right for the license.  All ok, welll we hoped, our minister was called to the army two weeks prior and so we went to Copper Cliff and ok we were set again, little did we know the Allies were going to invade France that morning and all stores were closed, all churchs with bells were to toll and doors open so all could go in for prayers for the troops. Our wedding was to be at 2P.M. soooo I stood in the front of the church waiting for Ivy untill 3.15 P.M. Her parents had to find the owner of the flower shop in Sudbury to get her flowers.  But she was like an ANGEL when she came in and still is. We had that night to-gether and next night I was on the train going back to camp. That was going on 61 yrs ago and it was like yesterday.  To this day the last thing at night we say good night, each says I LOVE YOU and a kiss. First thing in the morning I wake her with a kiss. She is my ANGEL.

We were married on 13 April 1996.  It had been beautiful and sunny for the three days before the wedding.  The temperature was 10 or 11 degrees.  We woke up the morning of the wedding to gray skies.  By 11 am the snow had started.  It snow several inches by the time the ceremony started.  I was 20 minutes late because the weather was bad and guest were still arriving and my dad wouldn't let me get out of the car until the guests arrived.  We finally got out of the car (I didn't have a winter coat) and stepped into snow that was over my ankles.  So there I was standing at the altar with very wet feet.  Half of our guest had come to Sudbury for the wedding from Southern Ontario.  Nobody had winter coats or boots.  We are celebrating our 9th anniversary this April and with every passing year the snow gets a little deeper.
Everyone in our family remembers the snow, but not one person has a picture to prove how deep it was.

  • The day started with a downpour of rain.  It was cold and just plain miserable outside. 
  • The dress I ordered was late in coming into the store, then turned out to NOT be the dress I ordered.  I had no time to return it. 
  • My hairdresser had overbooked and I was rushed through my sitting - not having time for the style I wanted. 
  • I got a frantic call from my bridesmaids who didn't have their flowers yet.  (Earl, Brian Niemi and Bill Gideon were in charge of picking up the flowers and delivering them to the girls - they got sidetracked by the tac buttons on their tuxes and decided to just have a few drinks and let the problem work itself out!)
  • I was putting my makeup on in the car on the way to the church, and my dad was just a tad ticked with the outcome of the day!  We did NOT have a good ride to the church!
  • We had an ecumenical wedding in the Anglican Church with both the Anglican Minister and Father Donnelly from the Catholic Church officiating.  During the ceremony, the Minister lost his footing and fell into my arms.
  • My brother forgot the liquor license and cocktails were held up as he scrambled back to Creighton to find it.
  • The best man showed up with a new date - hubbies former girlfriend!
  • Earl and I left the reception half way through the evening to change into our *going away* clothes - preparing for a trip to Niagara Falls.  My mothers last words to me were "Don't forget the corsages in the fridge!!"  We got to my parents home, and realized we didn't have the key to the house.  Earl shimmied a bedroom window open, and crawled in, unlocking the doors.  We changed, and rushed back to the reception.  Almost there, I realized, we forgot the corsages!  Turn around, speed back to New Sudbury - again, no key to the house!  Earl attempts the same B&E - except this time, he shoved too hard and his hand went through the window, smattering it in a million pieces.


Here we are - 32 years later, still chuckling over that ghastly start!



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