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Len & Mary Ryan

Len & Mary Ryan

Willard & Glorianne (Vagnini) Burke

Leonard and Marie (Galliano) Pretz - February 2 1948

Jack Gallagher & Nancy Gallagher ( Scott) Married June 2 1973

Bob and Jeannette (Groulx) Withers. Married 15 October 1966.

John and Tina (Withers) Renaud - 13 April 1996.

Bernie and Dolly Petrucka

Mike and Gertrude (Brazeau) Truskoski

Gary and Linda's wedding. Best man, Bill Burnside and brides maid, Terry (Chenier) Benedict

Alex and Erna Fex (nee deBurger) Dec.28, 1963

Reynald (Rey) and Allison Moisan (nee Fex) 2000

Scott and Jacquie Jordan (nee Fex)  1992

John and Kathleen Jamieson (nee Riley) June 26, 1942

Earl and Audrie Brooks (nee Jamieson) October 21, 1972

Frank and Faye D'Onghia

Jack and Cecelia (nee McBain)

Dave and Kelly Brockie (nee Brooks) September 18, 1998

John and Jill Jamieson July 2, 1999

Bill and Delores Mulligan (nee Brooks)

Jim and Carrie Mulligan (nee McMaster)

Gerry & Florence Barnett (nee Britton) Oct. 9, 1958

Guy and Theresa Frappier (nee Britton)

Tommy & Bobbi-Jo & Dailey (nee Frappier) July 7, 2001

Vincent & Jaimie Frappier (nee Cretzman) Oct 16th, 1999

Donald and Marlene Stone (nee Moore) Dec. 1, 2001

Gerald and Ivy Wagner June 6, 1944

Barbara (nee Kinghorn) & Ron Desjardins November 28 1987

Sandra & Jim St.John July 22/89

Allan & Norma Kinghorn July 19, 2003

Aili and Julius Ranta

DECEMBER 12, 1953

Julie & Matthew Walli (nee Ranta) June 15, 2002

Evelyn & George Smith (nee Ranta) OCTOBER 14th, 1978



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