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Dateline: Creighton-on-my-mind, November 4, 2003 .............  from Marty

    The following letter offers a bit of trivia every Creightonite should know.  For years, I’ve had a photocopy of the handwritten original among my souvenirs . . . and only this morning stumbled across it again.  It’s over 113 years old, and a little hard to read, so I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing it, word for word.  And, I’ve added a copy of an old map that shows this area as the good old boys at the Canadian Copper Company head office then knew it.  The best part of this gem is that the surprise is in the last line . . . so don’t cheat.


Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 11th, 1890

   Pursuant to call the following directors met at the office of the Company, viz: --
Messrs. Allen, Bingham, Burke, Cornell, McIntosh and Ritchie.  Senator Payne, Commodore Folger, and Lieutenant Duckingham of the U.S. Navy were also present.  The latter two made very interesting and gratifying reports of their recent visit to Sudbury.
   Upon motion of Judge Burke, seconded by President Cornell, the following resolution was unanimously adopted, viz: --
    Whereas, Hon. B.F. Tracy, Sec’y of the Navy, has by tests recently made at Annapolis, of the different kinds of armor plates, shown the great utility and superiority of nickel steel, and given to this alloy a world-wide reputation, and,
    Whereas, this Company desires to recognize this service by naming in his honor not only  the greatest nickel deposit in the world, but the greatest deposit of mineral of any kind now known to exist,
    It is moved by Judge Stevenson Burke and seconded by Mr. Thos. W. Cornell, Pres. of The Canadian Copper Co., that this Company’s property located in the township of Creighton, District of Algoma, Canada, be called Mount Tracy (their underline), and that a copy of this action of the Board be forwarded to General Tracy.
    H.P. McIntosh              T.W. Cornell
    Sec’y.                            President


P.S.:   Notice on the map that the District of Sudbury didn’t even exist then.  Also, for those who forgot or maybe didn’t know, Creighton Mine the village got its name from Creighton the township (although more of the mine was in Snyder), and it was named after David Creighton, an early MPP for Grey North.  Anyhow, the name stuck . . . aren’t you glad?