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(from Bob Zyma)
Hi Audrie
  I was just visiting in  Creighton via the web and I saw where you were talking with Leslie about phone numbers. Well seeing her name stirred up a whole bunch of memories for me because my best friend in Creighton was Pat Peters and Leslie also new Pat. Well one particular story comes to mind. 

I believe it was the late 70's or early 80's and Pat's parents were out of town on vacation and after breakfast or lunch I would go down to hang out with Pat at his house and sometimes stay for supper and Pat would take out one of his mom's delicious home made fruit pies from the freezer.  Pat would ask the girls (Leslie and her sisters) what kind of pie would they like
today? They would try to guess what kind Pat brought up from the freezer in the basement. Well on one occasion I told the girls we were having Popcorn Pie for desert. Well, they said there was no such thing as Popcorn Pie.  I said quite matter of factly there sure is Popcorn Pie! Why, haven't you had any before? Of course they never even seen a Popcorn Pie let alone eat some.

Well the next day I didn't get over to Pat's til later on that night only to discover that the girls were excited all day because they thought I was going to bring over a Popcorn Pie. Oh!Oh! I did it now. Well the next day I baked a Popcorn Pie and brought it over to Pat's. The girls asked what kind of pie I had? I told them it was Popcorn Pie ,but they didn't believe
me.  Then one of the girls smelled it and they said "It smells like Popcorn"  I said that's because it's Popcorn Pie! Couldn't eat it because the popcorn had all shivelled up but the girls mother Anette sure liked my crust.

You see my parents were away on vacation too, so I used our oven to make Popcorn Pie. It was just unreal when Leslie's youngest sister said loudly "IT is Popcorn Pie, it is Popcorn Pie."  I can still hear her say those words to this day. That's a treasured memory for me. Anyway back to today.   I just wanted to share that one with you. I don't know if Leslie would remember it.   Thanks again. Bob

Bob gave me permission to share this with others - great memories like this never leave us - over and over again, we can enjoy the moments!  Thanks Bob!  ~~Audrie~~

My son and I were researching the Lively Tornado (Aug 20, 1970) on the net and came across your website.  Very impressive!  You must spend a lot of time on it and it shows.  It's amazing.
On your website you have some awesome pictures of the Lively Tornado, which my son is doing his Heritage Fair project on.  Are you aware of anyone who was there at the time, who may have additional pictures or paraphernalia, or could sit down with my son for an interview?   Any help you may have or any person you might be able to recommend would be greatly appreciated.  We moved to Lively 8 years ago from the Sault and live on Third Ave West (beside Pat and Lloyd Strong - do you know them?)  I also noticed you have a Vickman listed in your family.  I know Bill - worked with him at Inco in Sudbury until he moved to Manitoba.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great day,
Jennifer Rennie
115 Third Avenue West, Lively
P3Y 1M4
(705) 692-9424
My name is Dwayne Healey, my parents were Bernie and Ramona Cirtwill. I have four sisters Heather (Pelto), Kathy (Kainulainen), Dianne (Healey) and Lisa (Nesbitt). We first moved to Creighton in 1972 we lived at 15 French St. then we moved to Wellington Street. My father owned a small engine business called Bernie's Small Engine Repair behind the old TD Bank. My parents also at that time had borders upstairs, I think there were 6 rooms and I believe there were 5 occupants at that time. My mother cleaned their rooms and I believe even did some of their laundry. Then we moved to Alexandra until INCO forced us to leave. I would be interested in hearing from anyone from Creighton so please post my email address for all to use. Also would be interested in hearing about any reunions that are coming up.
Thanks for the wonderful site.

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