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I often receive email from our visitors - some wonderful comments, interesting updates and more information about some of the pictures.  This page will be used to share these notes with everyone.  Thank you all for taking a few moments to keep us up to date!  Remember the Guestbook is also available for any comments!

Good Morning:
My name is Colleen Jones (Murphy), daughter of George/Heather Murphy, who were inhabitents of Creighton Mine.  While recently looking through your site, I saw the title "Creighton Painting", what a gorgeous piece of work (on the tin bucket)-  Do you have any idea where I might get this little piece of Creighton for my parents??  Thank you to who ever's idea this site is, let's hope that the word spreads & more people contribute. Thanks for any information-
Colleen Jones (Murphy)
home email:
I am a granddaughter of Heman Hodgins, the Blacksmith! Thanks for sharing all these pictures! It is nice to be able to see these, many of them for the first time, and remember the relatives who have passed on. It's also nice to be able to share these photos with the generation coming along! My kids visited Creighton with their grandfather, and heard lots of stories about growing up in Creighton. I remember visiting relatives there when I was a kid as well.
Thanks again,
Judy-Ann Macaulay


Hey guys my name is Glorianne Vagnini and I lived at 52 George St .  My married name is Burke ,.Married the school bus driver Willard. We now live in Sudbury.  Hey remember Carlo`s .  Got married Creighton 1960 by Father Regan, now have 4 children and 5 Grandchildren aging from nineteen to five.  So nice to see the old is still in the minds of all Creightonites .
Arlene Pretz
Your Email Address :
Comments :    Hey, every one ,love this site. Hope to hear from some of you, now and again.
Your Name : Loretta Redman
Your Email Address :
Comments : Well hello from Saskatchewan.  I did use my name in school. I just hope someone remembers me.  I do know Theresa + Guy will know who I am
Is there any one else out there? If so email me at


From Vicki Jacklin

Hi I am amazed at this website that has been created about Creighton.  My Great Aunt Ruth and Sgt. Tom Campbell were there in the early to mid  1900's. I found a picture showing them at 40 Alexandra street with their daughter Bernice.I was wondering if you may be able to direct me on how or who to talk to to get more information on this family. It is said that Sgt. Campbell was shot but I can not seem to locate a cemetery or if there are records in a newspaper etc. to find out more. Any bit of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Vicki

Your Name : Frank  Cywink
Your Email Address :
Comments : This  is a great website. Hope  to here  from  somebody that lived  when  I was living  there  1966 to 1974.

Angela (Cayen) Marchioni
My husband John has accepted a position with the bank in London, ON.  It was a very hard decision to make...North Bay is a beautiful will be hard to leave our friends behind.  So as of June 17th we'll be in London.  Thank god for computers.

Hi, my name is Barbara nee Kinghorn and I grew up in Creighton. I am so glad that I fell across this website. It brings back so many memories for me. I left Creighton in 1988 and I miss it very much. I wish that I could raise my family in a town like this one. It was like we all where one big family, everyone knew everyone. I to this day dream of the great things that Creighton Mine had given us. We Creighton Mine people are great people. Here is my email if anyone remembers me. Your Name : Gary & Linda Truskoski (Petrucka)
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Comments :

I want to Thank Audrie very much for the Awesome job on this web as well as the beautiful job on our Family Album. You have put so much time and work into bringing so many old friends back together.  It's so nice to here what's been going on with the Creighton gang lots of memories.  Thank you Audrie you are one of a kind. From an old Friend Linda :)

Your Name : Gary & Linda Truskoski (Petrucka)
Your Email Address :
Comments : Well hello there John Paul Pretz.   I's Linda (Petrucka) I used to hang around with your sister Patricia.  You're looking for Victor Pilon - he lives in Hamilton.  I'm in Grimsby I looked up a phone number in the book and this is the only V Pilon 905-547-3063 he married Marie. Dorothy Vignault lives in Hamilton I sure hope you have luck Linda :)
Hi. My name is Kim Morin (nee: McParland) I'm the daughter of Daniel and Barbara we lived in Creighton from 1974 to 1985 we lived on Churchill street next to Mrs Craigen. After the news was given that the town was to be tore down we were one of the first family's to move to Copper Cliff. Watching Mrs. Craigen's house (the first one torn down after the news) was one of the most upsetting moments in my life i loved living in Creighton and although I have been looking and can't find my copy of the two poems i wrote about my home town both were published in the Walden Observer. the first one in 1986 and the second in 1987 or 88. If you could find copies up there as i now live in Collingwood please feel free to post them as everything i wrote then still stands true today.  Thanks for the wonderful reminder.    Kim Morin
This is regarding the pictures of the concrete steps on George St. Photo
page #3.

I also know these steps very well. I had run up and down them many times as a kid. The steps were behind the T.D. Bank which later was turned into a garage by the Peters I believe. There was a house directly behind
the bank with parking off George street in the bank parking lot. I lived on top of the store next to the bank. I believe it was a  a former Red and White( I say this as we had allot of Red and White paraphernalia in the basement storage area). My parents were in the process of buying the building and making apartments in the store part. As for the house, in the early 70's, the Healy's lived there. I used to play with a boy named Dwayne Healy. They moved away around 1977 and I am not quite sure what happened to them, I think they moved far away to Lively  : ) Those steps though did lead up to a BBQ and a deck with a pic-nic table. We had many
adventures at the top of those steps. There was a painted picket fence all around the area back then. I believe it was green and white. The address that comes to mind is 47 B  George St. I think it was a metal plate on the corner of the house that had this address on it. 45 George St. also rings a bell as being my address back then.

Hope my little part here helps in the mystery of the steps.

Mark Kidd
Hi my name is Kathleen (Tiny) Kearney.  I just finished a long session looking through  your  web site.  It is truly wonderful.  Often when my son was young i would pack a picnic lunch for him and i and we would go to Creighton.  We would sit in the warm sun on the "high rock" or across from the where the catholic church was located, munching quietly.  I always made sure he brought along some toys, so once he was occupied in his own creative world, i would sit back and close my eyes and let the memories find me.  We did this many times and he tells me he remembers these picnics,  I am surprised because mostly I was silent, but i think he may have sensed we were in a special place as I had told him many times how happy I had been growing up there.  I have not been there for a long time, my son is now 19, so your web site has provided a new way to engage in those great thoughts and memories.  The fondness i feel when i remember my friends in Creighton always amazes me, it is like there is a never ending essence of good, like nothing bad ever happened there, like "magic" that life could be so simple, so innocent and safe.  It was a  coming together of so many cultures in my own family, living there, my grandfather originated in Spain, my father in Ireland and sister's husband from Nova Scotia.  This was true of most families, is it any wonder we found this small town fascinating.  My father worked shift work, as many of you might remember, most of our dads did, there were times when the house
had to be very quiet and I was so welcomed into so many homes at these times it felt like many homes were connected, that each had their door left open,
and you were always welcome.  I cannot remember being alone, feeling bored or lost.  Some families truly showed me kindness, Wellings, Kasepchuk,
Britton,  Behanna, Reid, Wagner (my godparents) Kiley, Seguin, Groulx, Redman, VanClieaf, Vagnini and then there are just the good friends who equally enjoyed being content to sit together, on the steps of the Club, or at the rink or spotting-pins without much thought of anything beyond the boundaries that defined our little town.  I have rambled on a bit more than I intended, but I will visit this site again, I have enjoyed the pictures, your dimples could never be forgotten.  I am curious that you have met another Kearney, I am not certain how we might be related but it is possible, I would be interested to know if you have some background information that might connect us.  Audrie, as you watch this site grow and evolve it must be very rewarding I hope it is and that you conitnue to urge others to participate, Earl's entry
in the guest book caught my eye and into action to write this e-mail.  I am certain each new entry will continue to do so.
Sincerely  Kathleen
Sorry, in the email I just sent to you  I forgot to mention I am now living in Richmond Hill, Ont.  My email address is
Thanks.  Chris Bennett
Your Name : Christine VanClieaf Rinta;a
Your Email Address : corbra@ican,net
Comments : Hey married a guy from Travers St - does anyone know him
Your Name : Brian Peters
Your Email Address :
http://creightonrevisited.caoldmap4.htm Comments : Audrie:

I just realized that Mr Mumford's house is missing from the Lake Street Map - you might recall that their house was at the very end of the street before going down that little hill that went towards the ballfield and on toward the greysands road
Your Name : George Anderson
Your Email Address :
http://creightonrevisited.caoldmap2.htm Comments : lots 29 and 31 were vacant lots when I lived there from 52-66 - unless something was built after we moved but I doubt it - geo
Your Name : Faye Jamieson D'Onghia
Your Email Address :
Comments : Finally found the site, with my sisters help.  I know I will enjoy going through the site and reading names that I thought I'd forgot, it's a great idea.  Faye
PAGE:  http://creightonrevisited.cabowlers.html
The band on the left side is called  THE KIDS and we danced until midnight.

submitted by
Phyllis Maloney
Donna Maloney now living in Ottawa email address -


Your Name : Gino Fievoli
Your Email Address :
Comments : Hi Audrie,
Thanks for creating such a great web-site. I really enjoy "Creighton Revisited" and browsing through the letters and pictures. Keep up the good work.

How is the response to the teenagers pictures? They should stir up a lot of memories. Erna kindly sent them in for me as I didn't have a scanner. I have one now and am trying to figure it out. I have other things that might be of some interest.

I was born in Creighton Mine in 1936 and have lived within 3 miles of the town my whole life. The village of Creighton was truly a unique place. Who will ever forget Sgt. Reedy and the old police station! One day when I was about eleven, Tom Earl and I were cooking hot dogs in the old powder house (where 7 shaft is now). Someone saw smoke coming from the hole in the roof and called the police. Sgt. Reedy showed up and hauled us back to town. It was pretty scary when he put us in a jail cell. Then he said, "see what happens when you do something get out of here!" He never told my parents even though he knew my father well.

Another scary place was Miss Black's office. Being there usually meant getting your hands warmed. She had a corporal punishment book where your name, crime and punishment were written down. I know I am in that book for "scrapping" with L.B. in the grade 4 cloakroom over a coat hook. Another time I apparently pushed someone in line. I was, of course, innocent but the teacher (Mr. Goard) must have figured it was my turn to get it. One day, six of us "tough" downtown kids bushwhacked some Snob Hill kids with snowballs as they were coming back to school. They ran all the way back to school and squealed on us. Miss Black was waiting for us and called each of us by name to the office. Our hands needed warming anyway after making all those snowballs. By the way, I ended up marrying a girl from Snob Hill. Elaine Logan lived on McNaughton St. with her parents Cliff and Mill Logan and her brother Mason (who married Sue Sequin from Snider St).

It would be interesting to see if any other students out there such as "Spike" or "Ritchie" would care to tell of their experiences in the office. Throwing snowballs at the train as it went by the school playground, horsing around in the washrooms or fighting in the yard were all punishable offenses. The most common was "shoving in line". Everybody has an interesting story about Creighton. Let's hear some of them.
Bye for now, Gino
Your Name : Beth Seguin
Your Email Address :
Comments :   That's my handsome dad, Lucien Seguin, front row, 2nd from the left. He was a church usher and member of the Knights of Columbus.   We lived on Snider St. beside MacFarlanes and across the street from the Roys.  We later moved to George St. across from the school.  Les Mayer was our neighbour then.   I am so enjoying this site.  I check it out weekly to find all kinds of new and nostalgic items to bring back memories of a wonderful childhood.
PREAMBLE:  Please forgive me for this one!  I was so touched by Brian's letter that I wanted to share it!  Brian, thank you for these kind words - I hang onto this email and when things outside of this wonderful site become overwhelming, I find great solace in your kindness!

Your Name : Brian Peters
Your Email Address : Comments :  I must tell you how much I've been enjoying your site since I learned about it last summer (after reading about it in the Northern Life). I am so happy that you took the initiative to put it together - it's like a Creighton Reunion every time I click it on!

I only found out last fall that there has been a Creighton Union every fall since the "Creighton Shines in 89" Reunion. I was able to attend it and found out that it was much better attended than it had been in years largely due to your Creighton Revisited Site - you and your site have obviously become quite popular! Congratulations on a job so well done!

I will soon be submitting a couple of photos that should be of interest to a good number of people (a photo of the St. Michaels' Boys & Girls Choirs taken in 1964 and my Grade 8 graduation class from C.M.P.S.

Keep up the good work! 
Take care,  Brian

Maureen Quinn Horan
I also enjoy this website Audrey. It is great to read all the memories we all have of growing up in such a fabulous town. I have attended the 3rd Sunday of September reunion {outside the Minor"s store) for the past 3 or 4 years. It would be great to see some of the 30-40-50 year olds out this year. Last year there was very few of us. And yes i remember Bob Fennell on the streets of Creighton. Just down from our house on George Street.He spent a lot of time by the red hydrant. I hope to hear from some of my school friends .
Keep up the good work.

Hello Audrie.  I ran into Erna at the grocery store today and she gave this website address.  What a walk down memory lane.  It's Saturday night here in Copper Cliff, cold as hell and the kids are in bed for the night and my husband is of course watching , as Stompin Tom puts it, the good old hockey game.  Just a short note to say hello and to let you know how thrilled I am to see all this great Creighton stuff.  I know you will not guess who I am by my e-mail address, but you use to babysit my sister and I.  We lived at 4a Lake Street.  Cindy Hood!  Anyway I'm really having a blast looking at  all this stuff and I hope you respond to this message.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Cindy Hood (Conroy) 
Your Name : Joe
Your Email Address :
Comments : Hi there, was there a cemetery at Creighton? If so shouldn't it be looked after in memory of the people lying in rest.  If so I would be happy to take on the task of keeping it up.

NOTE:  I advised Joe that I wasn't aware of a cemetery in the Creighton area.  My mom and dad are resting in the Walden Cemetery - I believe most from Creighton are there or in Sudbury?  Does anyone know for sure?

Your Name : Lorraine Geraghty/Gallagher
Your Email Address :
HI Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying this site. Thanks a million. Sorry I don't have more to contribute but keep up the great work. It is so great to see all the OLD photos. THANKS
Your Name : Bill Lynn
Your Email Address :
34 Wavell was my family's home address from the time I was 2 or 3 till they tore the house down.  In fact I was the last person to actually be living in the townsite.  They came and shut off my hydro the evening I was moving. BILL LYNN.
Your Name : Joan Lyons (Hostrawser)
Your Email Address :
I've been reading the nicknames of the people
I grew up with so many years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was going through some snapshots today and found so many that I had forgotten about. I lived on Edward Street, and my neighbours were Walter Saftic, John MacDonald, Annie Kotanen, Stuffy Stefanko, and so many others. Marilyn Gotro was a special friend. The Wunches lived across the street from us.  I'm on a roll now, and could go on all night, but maybe I'll close and send this on.

Hi Audrie,

I attended a C.W.L. convention in the Soo this past weekend and was hugely surprised to meet two former Creightonites ! Shirley Ingraham Brown and I hadn’t seen each other in more than 40 years ! We looked at one another and literally gasped each others’ names. What a wonderful surprise !!

Shirley and I were very close friends when we were growing up in Creighton . As well we were also in the church choir together as well as the Legion of Mary. Well of course we took advantage of every moment possible to catch up with each other. What a blessing to meet again with a dear old friend !The other Creightonite I met there was Veronica Nicholls Mucin. We sat together for several meals and talked and talked and talked. A friend of Veronica’s took a picture of us three Creightonites. I’ll send them to you as soon as I get them.

Unexpected bonuses at an uplifting convention ! All three of us marvelled at how close we felt to anyone we ran into from Creighton…as Shirley said it’s like running into a family member. She’s right !

Your Creighton Friend, Erna.


Your Name : Irene Gallagher
Your Email Address :
Comments : I have so many fond and happy memories of Creighton. There aren't many left of the Romoli Club.
Your Name : Bev Gowan
Comments : Graduated in 1979... Living in Terrace B.C

Hello my friends,

My cousin Henk van den Branden is a talented artist in Holland.  I invite you to visit his website to see his work. I think you’ll be impressed.  Let me know, O.K. ?

Also, please sign his guestbook and let him know how his work struck you. He will really appreciate that ! The entire website is in English as I translated it for him at his request.

Enjoy !

Erna Fex

Your Name : Joan Lyons (Hostrawser)
Your Email Address :
Comments : I've been reading the nicknames of the people
I grew up with so many years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was going through some snapshots today and found so many that I had forgotten about. I lived on Edward Street, and my neighbours were Walter Saftic, John MacDonald, Annie Kotanen, Stuffy Stefanko, and so many others. Marilyn Gotro was a special friend. The Wunches lived across the street from us.  I'm on a roll now, and could go on all night, but maybe I'll close and send this on.

Your Name : Diane Lavallie (Kasepchuk)
Your Email Address :
Comments : Hello everyone, I'd like to say that I think this site is the next best thing to actually being in Creighton.
My husband, Brian (Maddog) Lavallie and I have been married 29 years November 15.  Yes that's right boys, in the middle of deer hunting season.  But what did I know, right?
Just yesterday I was walking in Creighton visiting all the places I go to every time I'm there, which is often. I was scouting out a place to pitch the tent when my sister comes to visit this summer.  I'm going to have my own little reunion this summer with my sisters and want to let some of the girls that were friends with Rena and Helen to send me an email if you think it would be fun and would like to join us.
For everyone who can't visit Creighton like I can and do, I have to say that in my mind the town is just as we left it.  I walk down the streets and know some trees from the past, isn't that nuts.  But truly, I feel I'm one of the lucky ones because I can still go home and I meet lots of people and neighbours who are out enjoying the town too.
So folks, thanks for being part of the Creighton family and helping to keep the spirit alive.
Sincerely,  Diane Lavallie
Your Name : Mike Waine aka "Shane"
Your Email Address :
Comments : Regrettably I cannot be at the Creighton reunion although I did visit the townsite last summer.  The barren site sure tugs at the heartstrings, lotta of memories there.  I joined the military in 1958 and served for 34 years.  Married 40 years this December with two sons living in Winnipeg.  We are currently retired in Vernon where we spend a lot of time hitting  the little white ball but not doing a very good job of it. Would like to hear from anyone.  Does anyone know where Earl Waytowich is and how to contact him?


P.S.  I sent Earl's email address to Mike.  ~~Audrie~~
Your Name : Leonard Richard
Your Email Address :
Comments : Do you remember a Mike Banera who would have worked in Number 3 Shaft. His nick name would have been Banana Mike....We have found this web site very interesting as we are trying to piece together where we lived and what we remember from Creighton. I worked in number 9 shaft from 1969 to 1975 on level 6600. We lived on French street across from Alex Seguin and in Dr. McGruthers former Office above Jack Simmons and his wife....although we cannot remember her name. Any info you could pass along to help us piece our history together from our short stay in Creighton would be wonderful. Thanks.

Leonard Betty Richard Pembroke Ontario
August 2004
I have noticed a lot of friends have found this web site. People that I have not seen for many years. I have included my e-mail address and I am hopeful  that others will include theirs.   Long live the memories of Creighton.I was at the grocery store last week and met my grade 4 teacher Miss Gauthier. Does anyone remember her. bye 4 now.  Wes Bobbie
Your Name : bill kasepchuk( junior)
Your Email Address :
Comments : I enjoyed this site it was nice to go back and think how great life was growing up in Creighton.  Hi to all my friends!
I am now living in Sudbury.  Our family lived in Creighton at 26 Wavell Street.  I have two older brothers, Ron and George.  We left Creighton and moved to Sudbury in 1966, when I was still a (young) teenager, but I still have memories of the town.  The Bobbies, the Masseys, the Richards, the Frasers, the Peacocks, the Kutchaws etc.  I hope to hear from some of you soon.


Creighton and Lively are like two peas in a pod. You can't talk about one without the other. Not many people new that I was born in Creighton let alone the Manse (it doesn't make me any more Holy than the rest of you). Unlike Bing I was not slapped on theby Nurse Limpy. My Mom told me she called the Doc and he walked over from his office (about 3 minutes away) cut the cord wacked my butt and said "carry on he is a wonderful baby boy"
It is always wonderful to share memories from the past
I will link this site with the LHS site for all to see.
Pastor Ed 
When my family (de Burger) came to Creighton in 1952, the wonderful people of Creighton, under the leadership of Father Regan, welcomed and enveloped us with their warmth! My parents, Florent and Alice, spoke very little English as we had just immigrated to Canada the previous year from Holland.  Miss Black made sure that my brothers, Ronald & Willy, & me, were accepted by the other children of Creighton Mine Public School.  My brother Frank was too young to attend school at that time.  Fera & Celestini’s and Carlo's Store would bring our groceries to our home located behind Wavell St., 2 miles in the bush.  Archie and Eileen Massey often invited us for brunch after Mass on Sundays. The Reid family and Joe and Rita Craigen frequently took us home from school for lunch.  Stella and Lando Vagnini agreed to become my sister Mary Alice (Liesje)'s godparents.... and insisted that we attend their wedding at the Caruso Club in Sudbury.  
    Memories of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Cabrini Hall right beside it are both happy and sad for me. When my brother Willy (16) was killed by a drunk driver in 1960, Creighton people filled the church and lined the stairs.  My 2 sisters were baptized in St. Michael’s, as were 2 of our daughters, a large shower was held for me in Cabrini Hall as was our wedding reception 40 years ago.  In 1986 I was a member of the choir which sang at all the ceremonies which closed the church followed by a reception in Cabrini Hall which was bittersweet.
    My teaching days at the school were the best years of my career. Gordon Whalen (principal), hired me.  Other teachers were Rita Craigen, Saimi Seppala, Eileen Mulligan, Madelaine Rochon, Verna Gutsch, Muriel McAllister, Lois Cramm, Hugh Imerson, Barbara Fraser, Helen Hughes, and Jim Kaay. Irene Simpson was school secretary. The cooperation of the Creighton parents was outstanding! Some of my students were: Diane Latendre, Victor Pilon, Marie Vigneault, Irene Gasorowski, Paul Craigen, Leon Roy

Hi Everyone. My Dad, Sydney, worked in Creighton Mine.  He brought the family from Montreal in 1951 & we lived in an apartment across from the Post Office while we waited (forever) for our home to be built in Lively.  I'm in real estate now and they're still waiting for new homes to finish on time - some things never change.  I was in Grade 3 then and I believe my teacher was Miss MacDonald. I am one of those who have driven back to Creighton to try and find where the school stood - or the apartment - or even the post office. My husband, Heinz, who loves history and such was with me and was mesmerized by the whole thing.  Great site Audrey!

Seems like "I've been everywhere, man," but there could only ever be one Creighton.  This website is a wonderful thing, and I'm delighted to see so many folks "hitting on it" so quickly.  I'll visit often . . . and hope you all do likewise.


I am now living in Sudbury.  Our family lived in Creighton at 26 Wavell Street.  I have two older brothers, Ron and George.  We left Creighton and moved to Sudbury in 1966, when I was still a (young) teenager, but I still have memories of the town.  The Bobbies, the Masseys, the Richards, the Frasers, the Peacocks, the Kutchaws etc.  I hope to hear from some of you soon.


I lived above Fievoli's store and later at 11B Snider St. My daughters started school here. Creighton was a good place to live. It is great to read guestbook messages from Wes, Byng, Jigger and others. Byng in Thailand? I've always considered Creighton and Lively home.


NICKY  LIVINGSTONE (Barbara Nicholson)
When I was young Creighton Mine was my whole world.  I become very homesick when I read all the stories.  My brothers were Fred and Ted Nicholson, who passed away a few years ago.  I am sure they would be very proud of this site. Also Don & Faye Nicholson are my bother and sister.  I was proud to be from that part of the world.
I was born and raised in Creighton. Moved when I was 15 years old and I have always said that there was not a better place to have been raised. WE lived at 20 Lake St. I have 12 brothers and sisters. I think about half of us lived in Creighton and the rest were already married and living elsewhere. My brother Georges passed away last summer at age 64 and my father passed away in 1979. The rest of us are all over the place and in pretty good health. My mother is 92 years old.  Getting back to Creighton shines in 89 was such a fantastic experience seeing how many old friends and neighbours beleived in our roots to this small town we all called home. I will continue to drop by this site and hope to soon read about what some other Creightonites are up to. Lots of names are still fresh in my mind. Loupelle, Vigneault, Zyma, Groulx, Mitroff, Cormier, Sutton, Mottennen to name only a few. Keep up the excellent work with this site. I am sure lots of people can have some fun with this. Until next time.

I'm probably from one of the "older" Creighton families.  Brooks - Richard, Dolores (Mulligan), Joyce (St. Jean), myself Mary (Denomme), Earl and Bill.  We were all born in Creighton with the exception of Bill who was born in Lively.  We left Creighton (7 Connaught St.) in 1951, moving to Lively.  Even our Grandparents (Angus and Margaret Villeneuve and Jim and Anne Brooks) lived in Creighton, and of course our parents therefore were raised in Creighton - Dick and Christina.
The family is scattered now, Richard in Prince Albert, Sask., Earl in Thompson, Man. (as indicated by Audrey), Joyce in Lively, Bill in Sudbury, Dolores (Mulligan) lived in Creighton 'till she passed away in '72 and then myself in Sault Ste. Marie. 
I would love to see some of the "older" families sign the guest book and let us know where they are now.  Names that come to mind are the Stevensons (Alex, Audrey, Seba, Isabelle, Gail, Ulla (? spelling), the Lapointes, Hreljac, Whiting, Seawright, Cassell, Celestini, Morbin, McLaughlin, Campbell, McDonnell (John, June, Richard, Joe, Mary Lyons - from Lake Street),etc. etc. etc.
I'll be sure to check the guest book frequently.

Hi there friends of Creighton! I've resided in Windsor since 1966 when we packed up bag and baggage and moved here. Being born in Creighton and growing up there was an experience that is still etched in my memory, all the best and fantastic memories. I will never forget all the good people of Creighton, and everyone was a friend. This web site brings back a lot of good memories. What a great idea.


I lived in Lively from 1949-64. Had many classmates from Creighton, too numerous to mention. When I turned 16 got my own car, and Creighton was thee place to go, restaurants, or the club. Remember setting pins at the club and mine mill hall for gas money, when the syphining was poor.Everytime I take the by pass I look at what used to be Creighton, sometimes stop and think back to those good days.I like to say hello to all those listed on this site and a special thanks to Audrey.
BOB ZYMA  (or Bobby for you 60's people)
I too remember the days when there were no locked doors and you said hi to everyone you met and they said hi back without blinking an eye. My Babba and Kiddo lived in many places in Creighton,but the only place I remember is the log house beside the Jones' on George St. just up from the school. Wow!
It was nothing to throw together a couple of sandwiches and hop on the bikes to go fishing up at the river or walk the tracks to North Star. I never caught much ,but we sure had fun. Or the time a bunch of us guys built a dock and Saul Sherbanuk's dad took it on the back of his truck to the gate at the ball field and we took it the rest of the way on our bikes to BBBay and I used my dad's out board motor on it.we had a blast.I always took my ball glove on my handle bars because you never knew when a game might break out. And in the winter we went to the rink by the school. It was always hard to tell my mom or dad where they could find me because I never knew where the day would take me.On Aug.30th we will be celebrating my mom and dad's(Roberta and Bill Zyma)50th wedding anniversary in Espanola where they have been living since Creighton.I'm sure I'll be seeing some Creightonites there. I remember staying after school completing some unfinished work(not some lines I hope) in Miss DeBurger's class and her fiancee dropped by. Alex was playing for the Spartans at the time.By the way Byng, I still don't know what happened to Danny Jones glasseseses. I'm sure looking to visiting this site often.

Yes, we were the true U.N. Everybody was equal and everybody got along. Anyone who was "down and out" was assured of assistance--what a great place to be born in and to brag about.
 I lived there in our "Castle" on the highest part of town---right next to the water tank. Adele Zyma(Platsko)is my sister.
 I lived in Creighton from 1940---1964 except for one year I spent in Hamilton(1957).I lived on 2B Travers St.---and then 5 Kitchener St. with my uncle Stan Bieganowski.
 I am presently a retired secondary school teacher---living in Hamilton--married a Hamilton girl---four children--four grand-children.
 I try to be present for the informal Creighton Reunions held the 3rd Sunday of Sept. every year.
  This is a great site---long overdue. I'm sure that there are many pictures, newspaper articles, and stories out there---I'd love to see these.
 Audrie, you have done a great job so far. Keep up the good work.
 I hope to hear from some of my long, lost Creightonites. One thing I really miss is our" OUTHOUSE and the EATON CATALOGUE TISSUES"   God Bless,  Zenis/Zennie/Zen


We were both raised in Creighton and have many wonderful memories of our lives there.  Creighton definitely was a great place to grow up in.  Often at family gatherings, we talk about Creighton and all the things we did and the people we know who grew up with us.  Since we both come from really large families, we all have our own stories to tell.  Some tears are shed, but mostly we laugh till our sides are sore.  We often tell our children and grandchildren about life in Creighton.  Miss Black, Keith McNaughton many of the other teachers, the teachers residence on Snider Street, the employees club, the restaurants, the wooden sidewalks and of course we can't forget the outhouses.  Some of the many names that come to mind are Maloney, Trefiak, Brasutti, Blum, Waligora, Tahvanainen, Groulx, Blackwell, Hall, Pinylo, Steele, Petruka, Frantz, McIsaac, Menard.  The list goes on. 
Like all of you we feel it is great to be able to have a website that we can share our memories of the all good times .Most of you will remember me from my father Tucker who was the bus driver who took many to school and to town. Suzie and I have three children who live in Lively and area. we also have seven grandchildren.We look forward to reading the many letters from the many people we knew when we were growing up. Good job to all who worked at getting this website going!


WHAT IS YOUR NAME?  The Brennans
HOW DID YOU FIND THIS WEBSITE?   Sister Kathleen Brennan  (Northern Life)
WHERE ARE YOU FROM?   24 George St. Creighton (originally) now Sudbury
DO YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS?   Dennis Jr, Mike, Sister Kathleen, Ellen &
Margaret still remember Creighton fondly. Our sister Elizabeth passed
away in 1999.

Dennis Jr is a Korean War Veteran (resides in Sudbury), Mike is retired
from Inco (resides in Garson), Sister Kathleen retired teacher (resides in
Sudbury), Ellen stay at home mom (resides in Cambridge), Margaret nurse
(resides in Pembroke).

Great memories & experiences were had in Creighton. The best place to be

Names Remembered: The Perini's, Biganoski, Walter Truskoski, Jim Hutton, Jim Smith, The Gooses's, The Silversons, Mrs. Black(lived next door), Dr.
Evans, Father Regan (being a altar boy in his church), The Jones's, The Zemas, The semenuks, Lionel Van Clief, The Moores, The Loupelles, The
Petrenkos, The Suttaranens, The Station Master Mr. Gaudreau.  The Reddys, The Blackwells, The Pentneys.

You have done a excellent job Audrie & thanks to one and all for the memories.

As mentioned in the guest book sign in, I was raised in Lively but started out married life in Creighton. Although this is not a single "story of Creighton", I offer the following recollections:
I recall collecting bottles to get enough money to bike to Creighton and take in a show at the New Rio. I remember a movie called King Of The Khyber Rifles. A stop at "Ma" Ruppa's in Dogpatch marked the halfway point.
I recall track meets in Creighton where the competition was serious but friendly. There was no point entering dashes against Byng or Gilbert Seguin. Suzie Cayen took home many a red ribbon.

Thank you so much Audrie for all of these great memories. Creighton had so many wonderful people But the two that come to my mind who I really admired and treasured very much was Helen and Jimmy Kearney. I enjoy your site so much,Hopefully I will hear from some of the old gang. It would be so nice to get in touch with them.Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Wes Bobbie
Audrie I have sent you the names of the people in some of the pictures. you have done an amazing job with this site. Anything i can do to help as far as names and history let me know. Some desendents of people who lived in Creighton have gone on to do special things. I don't know if anyone knew that Paddy Murphy's son Joe Murphy was a number one draft pick of the Detroit redwings back in the 80's and was on one of the Edmonton Stanley Cup teams.

Who remembers bob-sleding down the tank hill, the hill facing Dardenels,and over on Alexander street Who remembers when you could get your skates sharpened for 10 cents Skating on mud lake,Any one remember ***** Cayen and I think Mcmann flying off mud lake until the government told them their plane was not air worthy.
Playing ball in the mosquito bowl(Creighton's new ballpark 1947?)any one remember seeing the old roast beds on the way to the Vermillion..
how about picking blue berries,how about sleigh rides around little Italy in Copper Cliff...God I'm making myself feel my age now.. hope some one is living that remembers some of this ,I don't want to be the last yet. How about all the dances


Great site brings back alot of memories. Floras pond ,summer hill, Hockey 'til all hours at the rink . Fishing at the river pool bowling and generally hanging out at the club. Ibring my kids to the old town site when we visit nonna. They get a blast out of standing in the hole in the ground which used to be our dining room. Cheers to all creightonites.


Hello all you good to see everyone on this wonderful website. I belong to the Maloney Clan with Mom and Dad being Harold and Viola Maloney. We lived at Joffre Street, Alexander St and last house was Wavell St and watched the house being torn down was so depressing. All the Maloney family are still around town most of them in Lively close to home and the rest in can't get rid of us that easily. HAHA..I took cousins from Ottawa up to Creighton last month in July to show them the great town we were from..they laughed and we tried to recall where all the stores were and houses we lived in..they thoroughly enjoyed the history. Glad to see Steve McMurray is the only Creighton boy living in the Maki house still...we think of ya Steve and you are one lucky man to have the memories still living..I would like to hear from some old Creighton Friends of mine I am 43 now....young at if you want email me love to hear from you..Especially Susan Joscko...lived near the Creighton Restaurant..or if anyone knows her whereabouts love to hear from her..thanks....well Audrie thumbs up to have done a great job on this website and keep up the good Creighton people can keep in contact forever this way and keep the happy memories going for a lifetime.....Bye and thinking of all you Creighton people....Father Reagan is looking after us all.........


You aren't old Richard - you can't be because I remember much of what you presented! It may have been a few years later, but just goes to show you - the fun in Creighton was generational!

I did the sliding down Summer, I would absolutely strangle my grandchildren if I saw them heading down a steep, travelled road like that on a sled!

And I remember the candy store, across from Creighton Public School, where we could buy a huge bag of assorted candy and licorice for five cents!

Blueberry Hill!! Up through the bush at the end of Snob Hill (Wavell Street). Mom was one avid picker!!! Plastic pails and wooden baskets had to be filled!

And the dances!! Oh the dances! The jerk, the monkey, the swim, the frug, the pony - the Creighton Club held the best dances in the world! Even if we did look like idiots jerking and frugging all over the place!

I remember Mrs. Dunn, when she was still Miss Cramm - with her lovely dark hair piled up on her head. I remember Mrs. Mulligan giving me the strap almost every day because I loved the way Louise Roy's ringlets bounced!!

And I really love hearing people share their memories! Thank you all, and please, keep coming back!

Great job Audrie!
My sister Darlene Pickford is living in Copper Cliff. Candy is living in Oshawa, Joan in Lively, My brother Ron is in Simpsonville,South Carolina. He is in the process of moving to Eastern Romania (in the fall or at year's end.
Frank and I have two sons living here (Whitefish and Sudbury) Our oldest son (Ken) married George and Ann Morbin's youngest daughter Heidi and have one son Brady. Our youngest Bob has a daughter. I will e-mail this address to Ron and I am sure he will be in touch.
Hi all Creightonites,
What a great web site just sent it on to Buzz, I am sure you will be hearing from him too.Isn't it great that we all left with the best memories any one could have, such a small town and even the whole thing being torn down doesn't dampen our spirits for all our great friends and times we had. I am always talking about Creighton, go there faithfully every summer to pick blueberries, haven't found any better yet.I think a good deal od my plants came from yards in creighton and I even went and dug a few trees Inco planted for my yard, respectfully each one has a Creighton label on it. Would like to say Hi to Bobby Zyma, can you get back to me as to where your parents are in Espanola we have our trailor on the Spanish and I go into Espanola quite often, it would be nice to drop in and see them, I am fortunate that I get to see a lot of our friends Veronica Pilon Betty Gutgahr Helen Frantz we all live in the Sudbury area.Would like to hear fron you Dick.Keep up the great work Audrey this is great.

I love reading about everyone's memories about living in Creighton. Memories I have are about getting fresh buns from Gonella's Bakery; Gino doing deliveries by horse; Tony Celestini's great tasting porketta; skating on the school rink; bowling, dancing, holding Variety Nights, Girl Guide meetings, "Tumbling" at the Club; Bingos at the Catholic Church, and Bazaars at the Protestant Church; taking piano lessons from Daisy Browne; playing with Litza Takala, Sbeila Emblin, Johnny Celestini, Angelo Aiello and lots of others; the Sauna at the top of the Water Tank hill; watching "Good Morning Miss Dove" at the Theatre; eating chow mein at the Chinese Restaurant, and sausages at the other restaurant; buying my first bra at Staples Clothing store; and on and on. I remember Jackie Jameison - I left public school in 1958, went on to Lively High and left there in 1963.
My parents left Creighton in 1964 to live in Sudbury. Both of them have since died. My sister Jane finished public school in 1955, and went to Lively and Copper Cliff High Schools. She lived in the Maritimes, and then Prince Albert, Saskatchewan until she died in 1994. Her son lives in Edmonton with his partner and their two children. I am married and have a 16 year old son.
Great job with this website! Mary Ella Magill
Great site Audrey. I have gone through the pages viewing the different names and reading the many memories each person has of Creighton. As you get older you seem to reminisce a lot about your youth and the great times you had back then. I dont think I will ever forget the snowforts and snowball fights, the lazy days spent at Meatbird Lake both the front end and the back end, our great camping trips in scouts and rovers and the many people who touched and influenced my life as I grew up in that great town. I jouney back from time to time and sit on the road and remember the many adventures we had in that little town and in the hills and bush that surround it. The places where I shot my first duck, rabbit or grouse, the great fishing at North Star and the Vermillion River. I am glad to see that Bob and Cecil LeBreton are still going strong and Rob Fennell I would like to hear from you. If any of my other old friends like Reid Treasure, Larry Petrucka, Mel McLeod, Don Ranger or any old neighbours like the Shannons, LeBretons are still out there, I would love to hear from you. Keep up the good work Audrey, nice to see Creighton still lives on.


This is a fantastic way to communicate with "CREIGHTONITES"
Thank you for doing such a great job. I have always said "you can take the girl out of Creighton but you can't take Creighton out of the girl" We all have so many Happy and Cherished memories, like Marty McAllister described about sitting at "THE CLUB". Keep up the great work and keep in touch. Take care and wishing all the best to my Creighton friends. Helen
Johnny Hreljac

Hi Creightonites! My family and I have lived in Barrie, Ontario for the last 32 years. We winter in Mesa, Arizona and go through Creighton often in the summer on our way to Ministic Lake. I have great memories of growing up in Creighton and the great people. Some may remember me as the "kid" who delivered groceries while working for Tony Celestini - horse and buggy in the summer and horse and sleigh in the winter. We George Street boys would like to play another game of baseball for old times sake against Father Sharpe (The BABE) and his Joffre Street bullys - HA HA! My family really enjoyed the Creighton Reunion in '89 - it was great seeing my old baseball buddies. Lynn Goard was my favourite teacher - he had a great arm as he could throw that chaulk from one end of the classroom to the other!! This is a great way of keeping in touch with old friends - Great Job Audrie
Diana (Bobbie) Hajduk
Hi Audrie,

After hearing of this wonderful website from my brother, I spent part of last evening perusing all of the great messages and photos. Some people I knew, some I did not but was pleased to see a posting from
Faye Anderson who I e-mailed yesterday and told her that I must e-mail you and remind you of how you use to pull my hair as I slid down the lamp post in front of your house.

I remember many a day getting into trouble with you and "Weezie Kiley" and I still carry a scar over my left eye from the time she wacked me with her ski (a story a retell to my two girls, Emily 11 and Megan 8).
I still enjoy Kraft dinner (which your mother introduced me to and became my favorite meal for her to make). I have a photo of you, me and Mickey Murphy sitting on our front lawn. We sure were cute then, you with your Annette Funacello scarf on your head. What the hell happened? Cellulite sure is a *****.

I remember playing baseball in the middle of the street. I was up to bat and wacked the ball right through Mosher's front window. Ten kids scattered in all directions to the safety of the nearest backyard while
I stood there alone like a fool with the bat in my hand as Mrs Mosher's came running outside. I certainly could not say "it wasn't me" Those good old 75 pound storm windows which my dad had to replace.

I have had difficulty trying to sign onto the message board but would love to hear from you and would love to connect with"Weezie". I drove through Creighton this summer to show my girls where I grew up and was astounded and devastated at how few landmarks remain. Meatbird Lake seemed alot larger when we were kids. I was going to stop in Lively and try to call Louise (Mitchell?) but had to get to my sister's in Barrie. This website is a great idea and I'm sure you have put a great deal of work into it. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Diana Bobbie (now Hajduk) living in beautiful downtown Orangeville
John Paul Pretz
Kudos on a great website . I lived at 16 a albert st just below the water tank right beside Andersons and Makis, actually my old house is in the pictures that you have posted.

Audrie this is a great website, and a great way to keep our town alive. I was from the later years. My family moved to Creighton in 1969 ( 11 McNaughton St. or better know as Snob Hill)and stayed until the end. I feel very blessed to have had the truely wonderful experience of growing up in such a unique place. I would love to hear from some of the old gang.
I also had the experience of working underground at Creighton from Dec.1996 to July 1998. I have a whole new respect for the generations of men and women who spent 30+ years there,.... my father included
Judy Marson Corletto
I used to live on Wavell St. then moved to Parkside Drive in Lively. My brother Bill and I went to Creighton Mine Public School. The Principal was Miss Black and she sure had control, you did not want to do anything wrong. Ronnie Rheault was my next door neighbour and Cecil and Herbie lived across the street. Nina Celestini and Sandra Hutton were friends along with her brother Sunshine (now known as Fr. Jim Hutton !).My parents are Art and Ede Marson, who will be celebrating their 63rd wedding this year. My younger brother Garry lives in Whitefish, with his wife Freda who is from Sudbury.My older brother Bill, known as Big Bill, lives in Waverley, and has four children and six grand children. Garry has 2 children and one grandson . I have 2 children, 3 step grandchildren and two grandsons.
Bill (Sandy) McKee
I was on this site over a year ago and heard from Earl Waytowich; John Brownlee and Eddie Hyrljac.

I have been retired since June 2001 but am back at work on contract at Bruce Power - one of those nuclear stations!!

My wife Judy and I have three children - Dave 40; Doug 39 and Susan 33. We also have 5 wonderful grand children - Allison 15 months; Nate almost 4; Rosie 7; Amelia 3 and Tyler 14.

I was in touch with Bill Fortune for a while and then lost touch. If you are out there Bill please get in touch or if someone knows where he is please let me know.

Creighton Mine was the best place to grow up.

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