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How many neighbours do you remember?


Brian Peters We lived in 4 different house during our years in Creighton.  When we moved there in 1961, we lived in 5A Snider Street.   We then moved to Marsh Street (but don't remember the number but it was just before you got to Spanish Town)  In about 1963 we then moved to 6A Lake Street in 1964 - right across from Mr. & Mrs. Smith's Log House In 1972, we moved to 27 Lake Street right after the Lake Street Hall. We moved there after the Treasure's moved out. My parents lived there until 1986.
Marc LeBreton 28 Snider St.   Gutjahr, hope the spelling is correct. I remember Brian, Wayne, Dan,Betty,and maybe one more. 

20 Lake St. LeBreton includes Marc, Mike, Frank, Bob, Edmond (Mo),Simone who actually lived there but the family also includes Georges, Roger, Theresa, Lillian, Anette, Gabi, and Maggie. Thirteen in all.

Beside Blackwells at 23 and 25 Lake St. was the big yellow? hall. We did cubs there at one time. At 27 Lake St. was Treasure. At 29 Lake St. was I think Pentney at one time. I don't remember Cozzarini. That is from 1957 to 1972 that I lived at 20 Lake St. At 31 Lake St. was Mitroff. 'Ev Staples lived at 37 or 39 Lake St.Mottonens were at 28 Lake St. Suttens at 26 Lake St. Nichols at 24 Lake St. That is if my memory serves me at all. You can run this by someone else to see what comes of it. I think I remember some of the names from some of the houses that I mentioned. Also where is the first parts of Lake St. and Snider St. from the highway, I think Copper Cliff Rd. in, the Protestant and Catholic churches were at each corner.

Tina Renaud (Withers)
We lived at 26 Snider St.  We moved in after the Linville family moved out.  The Cormier family was next to us at 24 Snider and my grandparents, Jean and Ida Groulx, were next to them at 22 Snider

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