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How many neighbours do you remember?



Andrea Kelly  (Nesbitt)
We lived at 44 Alexandra Street until the 60's and I think Maloney's moved in after we moved out.
Gerry Wagner Everyone has forgotten the Jimmy Nicholas house between Roy & Kaspechuck. Old Mr Nicholas lived there for years raising his family and made a pathway beween his house & Roys to the ball field so we wouldn,t have to walk away around. Even to steps on the steep part. hope you correct this.
Ann Morbin (Hall)  32 Alexandra St. Russ Polly & Ann Hall
 30 Alexandra St. Dudars
Anonymous 35 Alexander was Lapoint's in the '40-50s'
as in Babe, Laura, Claire, Robert, Pauline, Jeanine, etc.
33 Alexander was Stevenson's as in Audrey, Seba, Isabelle, Alex, Gail, Ulla (again in the 40-50's) (same time as the McLaughlins at 34 Alexander)

Diane Lavallie II'm just looking at the map and I don't think there was a # 12 Connaught.  I delivered papers there and mottinen - cull was the last house on that street for all the years that I lived there.

11 Grey st- I think Lempi lived in that house at one time but I can't be positive.  Wellings would remember for sure.  Also Munroe's lived there at one time also.
13 Grey st.  Laframbois

Leonard Bernier 13 alexander-Bernier  17 alexander-bernier  47 alexander-bernier.beach.43 alexander-barbe.39 alexander-mccormick. 35 alexander-lapoint.36 alexander-cambell.
John (Jack) Skatula
 My aunt and uncle lived at 41 Alexandra Street - the Vezeau's


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