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Frank (Tiny) O’Connor

In the town of Creighton
There lived a mighty man
Who toiled beneath the surface
For a long and weary span

In the darkness and the dampness
Where the sunshine never fell.
He had the strength of giants
And he really gave her hell.

No matter how conditions were
They didn’t stop Big Frank.
He’d plough through muck and timber
Like a charging army tank.

Drift timbers were like toothpicks
As he threw the sets in place,
And muck flew down the grizzly
At a most amazing pace.

We all looked up to Tiny
With his big infectious grin
And we all agreed that never more
We’d find a man like him.

He’s been an honest workman
No better could be found
But now it’s time to take his ease,
And quit the underground.

We’ll miss you badly, Tiny
With your happy, smiling face
No man can ever equal you
Or ever take your place.

And so, Big Frank, we wish you luck
Good health and happiness
Have a long and pleasant life
And may the good Lord bless.

~~James Kearney~~

Frank O’Connor died June 26,1975