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"Chink" Cayen
Chink Cayen...he got that name as a young boy cuz he had quite dark skin and almond shaped eyes...his name was Marcel
"Curly " Takala
Curly Takala had curly hair
"Curly" Takala's real name was Arvo and as Byng suggested he had the curly hair. Pete Tait
"Red" MacDonald
FROM: Erna de Burger-Fex
 "Red" MacDonald had red hair. His real name is John.
"Jigger" Jamieson
I checked with Jack, and he has no idea how the nickname came about.
"To this day I have no idea how I got the name Jiggy.  It came to be in the early seventies at the mine.  They call our son John - Jig...for
about 17yrs now..also grandson Daniel - friends call him Jiggy.  So now you know about as much as I do about the name"
"Dugout" Duggan
The story goes that LHS teachers Charlie Tuttle and Don Duggan converted an old church into a restaurant and called it the Lighthouse because of the steeple. Soon different names became attached such as Charlie's Pew and Don's Dugout (it was a basement only sructure) et al. Hence Duggan became known as "Dugout" Don.
"Red" Morbin
From:  Allen Cayen
Red Morbin had very red hair

"Red" Morbin's real name is Lance. And he made the brushcut famous. Pete Tait
"Puppy" Maloney
Our dad gave her that name.
FROM:  Brian Donnelly
Pete Tait does have a nick name and that name is "Chips" from his last name (Tait as in tater chips)
"Tack" Hardacre

"Tack" Hardacre's real name is Derek and he had muscles in his poop in our high school days but I have no idea how he got named Tack. Pete Tait

"Dee Dee" or "Sandy"
Her name is Sandra Maloney
"Snooky" Britton
From Theresa Britton:  
My Dad gave her that nick name. He got the name from Baby Snooks.  Her real name is Florence.

"Spud" Emblin
From:: Patricia Emblin (Puddy)
Apparently, Ralph "Spud" Emblin had his nick name given to him by his older brothers Erne and Cliff.  They used to call him "Spudorky" and the "Spud" part just stuck. 
"Cowboy" ( he  didn't need a last name!)
Gary Brown wants to know:  Does anybody know when "Cowboy" got his nickname? When I moved to Lively in 1953 he was already called that.
From:  Dan Shannon
In response to Gary Brown about Cowboy's nickname.  I too was curious so I took the liberty and asked him!!!  He told me that when he 1st came to Creighton he wore a pair of cowboy boots and that was taboo then!! So because of the boots people called him cowboy!
"Spike"  Mulligan
Another relative, and I don't know how he got that nick!  Bill, if you're out there reading, please let us know!
"Lefty" Gutjahr

"Lefty" Gutjahr's real name was Victor and he was a southpaw pitcher back in the Creighton Indian days.  Pete Tait

"Chicksy" Jefkins
Chicksy Jefkins got his nick because his dad raised chickens therefor chicksy.
"Cutie" Kutchaw
Cutie Kutchaw got his nick because he was always combing his hair and we,d say "ya you,re cute"and it stuck.

"Cutie" Kutchaw is Erin. Byng explained the nickname. Pete Tait

"Bulldozer" Kutchaw
From Wes Bobbie:
Len Kutchaw was called "Bulldozer" because Len would rather go through something than go around it.
"Skinner" Sharpe
FROM:  Florene Barnett
Skinner was the nickname of
my Uncle Grant Sharpe.  I'm told it was because he tried to play the Saxaphone in his younger days?????
"Tank" Trefiak
Tank Trefiac got his because he was big.
"Dick" Richard Trembley
My husband had a good question today.  How in the world does one get DICK from Richard?
"Little Iodine" Joan
From:  Roger Alary
"Little Iodine", the nickname for Joanie Villeneuve was given to her by Gene Brian. The Villeneuve's lived right across the street from the Brians. Little Iodine was a popular comic strip back then depicting a very mischevious little girl. Joanie was a look-a-like and acted much in the same manner. She was a lttle hellion when she was very young as Little Iodine was in the comic strip. Therefore Gene started to call her that and it stuck. By the way she hated the nickname and used to go crying to her Mom whenever we called her that.
FROM:  Erna deBurger-Fex
"Chunky" Ed Zanier became my dentist

"Ducky" Donald Brown
I got "Ducky" from a young fellow who called me Mrs. Brown's DUCK.

"Steak" Nick Resatar
From:  Vera Resetar 

Nick(Steak) is married to Helen Cavark and living in Timmins.   The nickname (Steak) from what I understand is he was a bit chunky.  I don't remember Nick ever eating steak too often. He still loves his pork chops fried in butter.
"Biffy" Forth
From Wes Bobbie:
Biffy Forth was also known as "Flusher" due too the fact that a couple of guys held him upside down and flushed his head in the toilet.

Biffy's real name is Brian

"Curly" Mr. Takella

Curly Takala had curly hair.
"Red" Mr. Bruce
From Lynne Bruce
My dad has always been known as Red due to the colour of his hair.  His real name is Milton.
"Lizzy" Elizabeth Kiley
From:  Audrie Brooks
I think same as Louise, Lizzy was just quicker to say!
"Rocky" Dunn
Lois (Cramm) Dunn told me that when certain big guys returned to high school having been away for some time he needed to "bulk up" in order to be able to handle them and so got the nickname " Rocky" from the movie boxer Sly Stallone.

 "Stinky" Dave Pentney
Marlene, isn't Dave a friend of yours?
 Do you know why he was nicknamed Stinky?

"Dunce" Donnelly
From Pete Tait:
Regarding "Dunce" Donnelly, his given name is Brian and I think he's a relative of yours (Brooks). He got the name "Dunce" in Public School because he spent a fair amount of classroom time in a chair in a corner facing the wall.
"Weesy" Louise Kiley
From Audrie Brooks
I think this was just easier to say when we were young and lazy!
Spit  Chenier
FROM: Erna deBurger-Fex
Her real name was Jackie
I met Sherrie Chenier and she explained to me how her mother Jacqueline,got the nickname "Spit". Apparently she was quite a "tomboy" growing up and she used to climb trees and spit down at the people below her!
"Buckshot" Wellings
From:  Vera Resetar 
Roy (Buckshot) Wellings. My father gave him this nickname, why I don't
remember. Maybe is was because his name was also Roy and didn't want Junior. Who knows why Buckshot.

FROM:  Gerry Wagner
Just another name to the list. Forrest (Porky) Hodgins. Died in 1980
"Yollie" Tom Davies
FROM:  Erna deBurger-Fex
"Yollie" because he grabbed onto the back of a Yolles furniture truck and tried to get a free ride or slide...
it may have been in winter, I'm not sure of that detail.

"Stone Boat" Chris Jones
Chris, how did you get this nick?
"Buns" Gino Gonnella
FROM:  Marie Gonnella
 the bakery

"Tore" Larry Gonnella
FROM:  Marie Gonnella
short for torpedo loaf
"Flash" Norma Gonnella
FROM:  Marie Gonnella

red hair
"Merk" Albert Barbe
FROM:  Marie Gonnella
My Dad gave him the name - I think it had something to do with a radio program "Mortimer shnurt " . That's the best to my recollection.

FROM:   Leonard Bernier
Merk Barbe. His Father started calling him Merk because of the Telephone operator on the Fibber Magee&Molly radio show. Her name was Mirtle and Fibber called her Mert. That segment really tickled little Albert and he would mimic Fiber's,"Oh!Hello Mert"...Only he would pronounce it Merk.....and it stuck to him to
this day.
"Babe"  Rev. James Myles Sharpe
FROM: Theresa Frappier
I Asked my Aunt Shirley why they called her Brother Babe and she said that My Grandmother called him that when he was young and so the older older ones just kept calling him that. He is also known as "Harpo"

From Leonard Bernier

Yollie use to call me L'l Leo & Dick Brooks Sr. use to call me Napoleon but most people knew me as Leonard. My brother Gerald was known as Tubby. You couldn't print other names people called me.

"The Flying Finn" Elmer Tuuri
From Ken Tuuri
My Dad's nickname is the The Flying Finn (Elmer Tuuri) he got that name from when he used to race Stock Cars. He was Fast + a Finlander.
Edgar "Shorty" Guitard
From Patsy Guitard:
this was my dad I know that everyone use to call him shorty
Allison Kiley "Sis"
From:  Pauline Tuuri
Probably because she was a "sis" to so many brothers and sisses.
"Lou" or "Dewey" Vilma Spurr (Sharpe)
"Snug" Mynerich
From:  Fran Stopciati Mynerich McMillan
"Snug" Mynerich...was named this because he liked guns...Snug is guns spelled backwards. Also when he pitched for the Creighton Indians..he held the ball so snug.
"Kookella" Sandra Koskella "Stuffy" Stefanko
"Chooch" Wilgos "Pottsie" Rheal Potvin "Dyke" Jones
  "Iggy" Egers "Naupa" Ron Rheault "Max" Holmes
"Yawky" Walter Saftic "Blondie" Mr. Moyle "Hooder" Danny Hood
"Che Che" Mickey Boyer "Winnie" Hardacre "Buzzy"  Billy Blackwell
"Hurley" Mr. Hreljac "Sonny" Walter Perstanski "Tuffy" Marty Tuffinen
"Solly" Jerry Svokos "Pekoe" or "Moose" Mike Luck "Hubey" Hubert Staravick
"DJ" Danny McFarlane "Fabian"
( aka Ken Babey <sp>)
"Bucky" Behenna
"Skag" Mr. Jones "Cookoo" Bond "Clem" Lehman
"Molweid" McKinnon "Bucky" Buchanan "Holly" Joly
"Pee Wee" Rochelle Flabiano "Moe" Ed Lebreton "Min" Franky Mynerich
From:  Fran Stopciati Mynerich McMillan
This came about because Frankie was such a great pool player and shark. He was named after Minnesota Fats...and this name stuck with him until his death. His best friend Vic Hreljac always called him this.
"Gus" George Stanley "Connie" Conrad Miron "Zorro" Johnny ZADOROZNIAK
"Wilbur" Book "Jasper" Chadwick "Dreamy Eyes" Gillespie
"Dipsy" Dowdall "Mac" Keith Macnaughton "Murph" Patty Murphy
"Mitch" Richard Mealy "Mott" Tom Perry "Biscuit" Mr. Reid
"Chucker" Charlie Briggs "Koochy" Billy Kutchaw "Cap" Mr. Cappeletti
"Chatsy" Chateauvert "Mugs" Mulligan "Butsy" Blake
"Byng" Uttley (although that may be his given name) "Loopy" Loupelle
"Spanky" Desjardins
"Duke" Wellington "Blacky" Blades "Dinky" Dawson
His real name was Dalton
"Skip" Bailey "Corky" Franz "Jingles" Hickey
"Hotdog" Kirk "Scooter" Tait
Hey Pete - this is your brother, no?
"Winky" Windgrave
Edgar "Shorty" Guitard
"Peanut" Pesata "Lazzy" Leo Lazowick
"Doodle" Don Perini
"Muck" Don McLean
"Lefty" Jones, Skags' brother
"Luke"  Lawrence O'Connor
Patricia "Tootsie" Vagnini
"Perp" Tony Mynerich.
"Babe" Marcel Lapointe  "Barney" Sol Sherbanuk  

Can you add more?
Do you know WHY these nicknames were born?
Thanks Pete Tait - what a great idea.  By the way, how come
YOU don't have a nickname?  Or do you??

P.S.  Forgive me if I've added a nick twice - many are sending
in their memories, and sometimes I just get lost!

P.P.S.  Goodness - was I the ONLY one in Creighton that went by my given name???

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