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How many neighbours do you remember?



Michael A. Truskoski The Truskoski family lived at 17 Wavell Str. and 20 Snider Str. in the rooming house on the hill across from Groulx.

I know my family also lived at another place on Snider Str but I don't know the number however it was right behind the Van Allen's (there was some garages there and then our house) across from Fabris who were next to Mynreich on Snider Str.

Also the house beside us I believe was Mynerich, Helen and John also on Snider. Behind them was on that little side beside Fabris street was Peskoski (spelling maybe wrong).
Charles.T.Benedict Hi audrie, I used to live in creighton many years ago.I'm the son of Terry&Eric Benedict you might know my mom Terry
Benedict(Chenier)I'm sending you this email about the map of Wavell St.

20 Wavell was Benedict not Bennet
29 &30 beside Ranta's these were garages ???
51B was Mcleod's (Donna& Chris)
45 was also Powells
19 was Taits then Jewers
17 was Cayen's

These are just some of the memories, I'm 30 so these memories are 20 years old I hope they are correct.
Thank you & Have a Nice Day

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