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Thank you to Jim Fortin for submitting the following poem and pictures.
 These will appear in the Northern Life news in early March.



Creighton's Pioneer Nurse

Because International Women's Day is upon us and I am cataloguing a recent donation,
 thought I would share a photograph and a poem with you.

The poem was written by Creighton Mine's poet laureate, Jimmy Kearney.
The photograph was received last fall. Lempi Stephenson was the daughter of
Frank and Greeta Anderson of Waters Township. She was born in 1902,
and graduated from Saint Joseph General Hospital in Port Arthur,
(now Thunder Bay)  in 1922. She served for 41 years as an INCO
nurse in Creighton Mine. Over the years I have heard many stories about Lempi,
that reflected the high esteem that the people of Creighton had for her,
but I will let Mr. Kearney's words fill you in.

Creighton's Pioneer Nurse

What can be said of a friend who has gone
to attain her celestial reward?
How shall we praise her efforts on earth
Now that she, safe with the Lord?

As a nurse she's devoted a lifetime
to the care of the sick and the ill
and eased the torment of those in pain
with compassion and infinite skill

She would start the day with a cheerful smile
and her attitude was contagious
Inspiring her patients with confidence
though her language was outrageous!

How many babies came into the world
with her experienced aid?
How could we ever show gratitude
for the part she so nobly played?

We know we are frail and expendable
and when the time comes, we must go.
But why did you take our dear Lempi
when you knew we would miss her so?

She was not just a friend and a neighbour
she was loved as one loves another
and deep in the hearts of many
she took the place of a mother

Now she has joined the Heavenly Host
and our loss is painful to bear
but we know that You, the Great Healer
will tend her with loving care

What a high standard and pattern she set
for integrity and endeavour
there's no one can ever replace her
and she'll live in our hearts forever

Lempi Stephenson

Thanks to Ed Tyreman for submitting this news clipping.

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