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Tribute to Erna de-Burger Fex

We all remember Jim Kearney!  He didn't just *think* about saying
nice things to people - he took pen to hand and WROTE the kind words!
For those fortunate enough to be the recipient of  his poetry, they are
left with tangible proof of his genuine caring.

To  Miss  de  Burger

 We  love  Miss  de  Burger
Because  she’s sweet  and  kind
And  a  nicer  lady  teacher
Is  impossible  to find.

 We’ll  all  be  very  sorry
When  we  take  exams  and  pass
For  then  we’ll  have  to  leave  her
To  join  another  class.

 But  we  will  not  forget  her
In  the  years  that  lie  ahead,
We’ll  keep  her  in  our  memory
As  the  path  of  life  we  tread.

From  Grade 3 and 4
Creighton  mine  Public  School

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