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Do you have a favourite season? I certainly do! It is Spring! There are many reasons for this for me. It is the season of rebirth, renewal, new life in both plants and animals, hope and…. tulips! The fact that they are my most treasured flowers undoubtedly has a significant effect on my choice of springtime. It is a season which energizes me and urges me to look forward with enthusiastic anticipation to numerous happy experiences.
The days are longer, the sun is warmer as evidenced by the melting of the lingering snow. We have more sparkling sunny days which for me banish any dark thoughts and sentiments.

The Globe and Mail referred to Spring as “the slushy season” on March 29. That does not change my opinions of this season one iota as I comprehend deeply within my soul of souls that this indicates we are marching off to the wondrous allures of this time of year. I happily tolerate the mud, rains and dirty snow as I anticipate the magic of my favourite season.

Spring is one of the four temperate seasons and marks the transition from winter to summer. In our northern hemisphere it begins in the months of March, April, and May depending on the latitude of your address. New plant growth springs forward giving the season its name. This time of year heralds the return of the migratory birds and I eagerly anticipate my first glimpse of the harbinger of Spring, the robin. Another important sign of Spring for me is the blooming of the crocuses in my flower beds. The brilliant hues of purple, bright yellow and white bring long awaited colour to my otherwise drab garden at this time of year. The delicate snowflake blooms even earlier while there is still snow in my flower beds. How I admire that brave little flower! From then on I carefully note the progress of my beloved tulips. They seem to grow and unfurl before my very eyes. It is truly the magic of Spring and hey, the grass is green almost immediately too! All of it enchants and excites me every year!

Spring brings us many wonderful events. Easter with its lovely lilies and the promise of Christ’s Resurrection with the return of the ever joyful Alleluias, certainly signify the wonders of this season! The delighted wishes for a “Happy Easter” can be heard all around. Everyone walks with a spring in their step – yes I realize I used a pun – it was so intended! Another noteworthy day of course is Mother’s Day which is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May in Canada, the U.S. and in most Western European countries. In the British Isles however not only does it have a different name – it is called “Mothering Sunday”, and it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Whenever it is proclaimed the aim is the same – to honour, thank and show appreciation to our mothers for their unconditional love and life-long caring. Flowers are the most popular method of expressing our gratitude and florists world – wide verify this as being their busiest time of the year.

In April we celebrate “Earth Day’ annually. We are reminded to appreciate our environment and especially our wonderful planet Earth in its totality. Climate change, eco – friendly products, green technologies for home and work are emphasized and taught. Trees are planted everywhere in Canada as it is recognized that we must do this not only to enhance our country but also to ameliorate our air quality. Important considerations indeed!
Velvety pussy willows appear near our road sides and is there a more definitive sign of spring than that?
The buds on the treed are bursting out of their shells and that particular green colour of the nascent leaves in Spring is delicate and fresh and not seen at any other time of year. In my eyes it is precious.

There are so many more arguments I could find to justify my choice of this as my preferred time of year but I feel that I have sung the praises of Spring abundantly for now.

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