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Born in Loreto, Italy, on the scenic Adriatic coast, Giovanni immigrated to Canada at an early age.

Always having shown an enthusiastic interest in art, his efforts and abilities were recognized, and awarded at an early age.

Self taught, Giovanni's proficiency and use of different media provides him with the versatility and flexibility to utilize the medium that would best convey his chosen subject.

His paintings cannot be confined to one particular category as they encompass many, with ever broadening boundaries.

For over thirty years the historical and scenic beauty of Manitoulin Island and Georgian Bay continues to inspire him, as he translates these visual images on his sensitive and finely detailed papers and canvas.  The integrity of his paintings is appreciated by all those who have come in contact with him and the land that he lives in.

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In 1991 Bill Narasnek set a trans Canada cycling record of 13 days, 6 hours and 9 minutes. He traveled exactly 6035 kilometers from Vancouver to Halifax. In a conversation with someone who has spoken to Bill, I was told he averaged 451 km per day, 18.8 km per hour and slept for about 7 hours per night.

She has gained serious recognition early in her career by impressing both private and corporate buyers with her versatility and has been recognized and chosen for several solo exhibits and commissioned for many private collections.

  As a testament to her impressive artistic scope, both US and Canadian charitable organizations have benefited through donations of her most currant pieces. Ms. Griffiths enjoys working in both mediums, Watercolor and Oil, and tributes her current success to studies at the Emily Carr college of Art and Design and many private classes in her specialty areas. Now Ms. Griffiths shares her talent not only on canvas, but also in classes where she inspires other artists with her watercolor workshops.

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Marlene Moore is a uniquely gifted Canadian composer and pianist.  Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised near Sudbury, Ontario, Marlene now makes her home in British Columbia.  She makes regular concert tours in the United States and has performed in New Zealand, Australia, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada.  She can also be found playing the piano on cruise ships or writing film scores. 

As both composer and pianist, Marlene is a virtuoso.  Since 1980 she has performed only her own compositions, which now number more than 300 pieces.  The selections played on Reflection demonstrate the incredible range and depth of her talents.  Marlene has composed and performed consistently good music for live concerts, radio and television.  Her music is well received wherever it is heard.

Taken from the jacket of her CD, REFLECTIONS

Ryan is the grandson of Vic and Beth (Shoveller from Lively ) Hreljac. He is a young boy, 12 or 13 now, and has appeared on Oprah twice, received communion from the Pope during his recent 25th Anniversary  celebrations, traveled to Uganda several times as well as to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, many places in the USA.  The reason? When he was only 6 years old his teacher read his class a story about how there were many countries where people lived very differently than we in Canada….in fact that they had no clean, reliable drinking water.  She told the class that for only $70. a good well could be built in Uganda .  So Ryan came home and asked his mother, Susan, for $70.  Being the wise parents that she and her husband Mark Hreljac are they told Ryan he would have to earn it by doing chores around their home.  He attacked these chores with a vengeance, asked his grandparents Vic and Beth if he could do chores at their place as well  to which they of course agreed.  In a very short time this 6 year-old had raised his $70. !  That was the start.
Thanks to Erna Fex for bringing this wonderful story to Creighton Revisited. 

"Ryan has always been a very sensitive boy. His parents and those around him have tried to nurture this characteristic. His grade one teacher, Mrs Prest was able to inspire Ryan. He decided that raising money for wells for people who didn't have clean water would be a good thing. He worked for four months in order to earn his first $70. It grew from the $70 collected by doing simple household chores, to the support of non-profit organizations such as WaterCan, CPAR, CIDA and Free the Children. It grew to over $800,000 in support of people in Africa who need clean water."