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The term of life's expectancy
Grows longer all the time
And now a man of fifty
Is only in his prime.
Yet, no matter just how long
A man may stretch his life
A large amount of time is spent
In the company of his wife.
Tonight we honour such a pair
And gather to make merry
And pay respect and tribute
To Ivy and her Gerry.
Twenty-five long years they've had
And shared their lives to-gether
They faced the future, side by side
In fair or stormy weather.
They've given freely of their time
In the service of our Lord
Yet know, that on the Judgement Day
They'll reap a rich reward.
They'll cherish and remember
The years that went before
We pray that God will grant to them
Many, many more.
Years of peace and happyiness
In the company of their friends
Harming none and loving all
As the good Lord recommends.
And on this proud occasion
We wish you happyness
Dear Ivy and dear Gerry
And  may the good Lord Bless.
Jimmy Kearney