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Byng Uttley

I left Creighton to go West in 1967.After being a tramp minor all over Canada I settled in Whitehorse Yukon.I have 2 sons {Gordy and Byng}. Gord lives in Whitehorse & Byng lives in Powell River,BC.  My marital status is single but I,ve had more wives than Dyke Jones has had hot meals.{joke}.  I am retired and currently living in Thailand for the past 2 years.  I don't get back to Creighton as much as I would like but I sure enjoy seeing all the kids that are still living in the area.  By the way Jiggy, I think I will make it back in April or May, so I think a party at your place is in order.  Just a suggestion.

I've stayed in touch over the years with Jiggy Jamieson who became my best friend in grade one.This is our 50th year as friends.

I have so many fond memories :The rink, Meatbird lake, North Star lake, Vermilion River, the ball park, the club and all the great kids to play with made for a great childhood.There was no time to be bored.

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