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NOTE:  I received this lovely, informative email from Therea (Coyle)
I thought it should be shared with our guests!
Contact Theresa by clicking <here>

Hi Audrie,

I feel drawn to the spirit of this site, Helen Moyle Truman phoned me to tell me to get with it!! 

I grew up on Wavell St. in Creighton Mine, but left when I was in grade 9 as I recall, but all of these names certainly resonate in my mind..I was Teresa Coyle , my Dad was a policeman and I had three sisters:

Colleen [now in Ottawa and a grandmother of 5]
Ann [currently in  Sudbury and the Grandmother of 1] 
Trudy [also in Sudbury and a grandmother of  3]
My brother Frank lives in Burlington [a Grandfather of 2].

I am the eldest, I trained as a nurse and worked at the General for some time.  As a matter of fact Ms Black died on my medical wing some time ago..for sure, as I have been married for 37 years and lived in California before marriage.

I recall so many of these names and it would be great just to hear how we all made out in life.  I have heard from Lorraine Gallagher, Marlene Moore, and of course Helen..

I recall teenagers , it was a dance really, that was supervised
by various parents and we had a wicked time, the Copper Cliff kids came and our world just seemed so much larger with them.  In retrospect Creighton did give us a very safe childhood, in spite of the mighty battles that constantly erupted, we could all be mediators to-day!!!

I would love to hear
from Audrey Loupelle, Bev Murphy, Stuart Smith, George Stanley etc.

My dad Frank is 97 yrs old & will spend part of the winter with us in Toronto this year...I hope I inherited his genes!

A BIG HELLO to Irene Gallagher, and kudos to Audrie for this!