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Claire Watson (St.Martin)
I married an Englishman who was working  in Creighton. I lived in Creighton from 1955 to 1971. I moved to England  in 1972 and had 5 children: Natasha (33), David (30), John (26), Thomas (21) and Esther (19). I have one grandson, David who will be 10 in Nov.  Being a full-time Mom, I never worked outside the house, but have helped my husband, Pat, in his business. I try to make it home once a year now my Dad has died. My Mom lives in New Sudbury and one of my brothers lives in Sudbury/Garson area. I had two older sisters, Carmen and Suzanne and two younger brothers, Gerard and Romeo Jr.
I am planning to travel around now most of my children have left home. I've been to China last May and am going to Australia next year. I plan to visit my son, David in India the year after.
I usually visit Darlene & Tony when in Sudbury and have also spoken to Lorraine Perini and Maureen Quinn. I am interested in finding Vicky Ranger? Anyone who has any information I would be most grateful if you would contact me. Since joining this site I have had a few e-mails back from Lynne and Barry and Cec and Bob. I am planning to see them when I'm over in October.
My fondest memories are of the rocks near our house and the Creighton Club. We had no bathroom in our house so we had to shower in the Club.  The bowling teams and badminton club were great fun too. Also the Creighton Restaurant, where we would go after church on Sunday.


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