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1) The township of Creighton was surveyed in 1884 and was named for MPP David Creighton member form the North Grey Area.
2)In 1916 carbide lamps replaced candles at INCO mines.
3)Nickel was 78 cents per pound in 1956.
4)During the war years (1939-1945) the nickel mined equalled the production levels in all years previous.
5)In 1895, nickel price was 21 cents a pound.
6) The first scooptram was used underground in 1967.
7)The rock temperature at 7200 feet is 110 degrees F. and increases by one degree every 100 feet.
8) One 6 foot rock bolt has the ability to hold about 18 tons of rock.
9) In 1950, Sudbury supplied 95% of the world's nickel.
10) In 1914, Henry Brearly of the U.K. invented stainless steel for cutlery and coined the term "stainless steel".
11) In 1916 Creighton Mine became the first Canadian mine to use a hoist drive.
12)On March 13, 1968 Creighton Mine reached the depth of one mile. At the time it was believed to be the deepest mine in the western hemisphere.
13) Since 1901, the Creighton Mine has produced over
 160,000,000 tons of ore, producing 4.8 billion pounds of nickel and other associated metals.
14) The first electrical mining equipment used in Canada was installed in 1906 at the Creighton Mine.


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