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Maureen (Sharpe) Rupoli

Just a quick note to catch up. I live in Toronto (Mississauga) Mel and I have three boys, David, Danny and Darin. Our boys are all married and we have a total of 10 beautiful grandchildren. Six girls and four boys. The oldest is 20 and the youngest is 3. Mel and I are both still working. Our boys have a family business, Mel works with them. I have worked as a medical secretary for over thirty years and at present I work for a Plastic Surgeon.

My roots and memories of Creighton, the wonderful friends and families with all the different cultures has given me a strong sense of community and a love of people. Being a Sharpe and having a family with loving grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins all in the same town was wonderful. We are all so blessed to have been given these rich opportunities that no city could offer.

My parents Mary and Lawrence ran the club for many years with wonderful memories for Norman, Carmen and I. My mother was also the church organist and sang and played for many weddings. Carmen married a lovely girl from Creighton, Patricia (Mumford) Sharpe. Carmen passed away three years ago, with a great loss to all of us. Pat and I have been and always will be like sisters. Mel and I are very close to her and their children. Mary and Chris live in Toronto, Jennifer lives in Bermuda. Pat has six grandchildren.

One of my early memories was when I was 12 years old, my bother Carmen who was 17 went hunting with his friend Lloyd. This was the end of October when it was starting to get really cold. Lloyd came to my parents house after dark that night to say that Carmen was lost and had not come out of the bush. My parents were extremely worried thinking that he must be hurt as he was familier with the bush and hunting. I remember so well the men that went out searching for him and the community support that we received until he was found safely the next day.


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