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16a Lake Street

Allen McMahon & Bert McChesney

Creighton's Little Comet '51

Gertrude Truskoski

Labour Day 1951

Labour Day 1952

Labour Day Parade '52

Marcel Cayen

Mary Sharpe & Pat Cayen

Membership Card

Mike Truskoski

Creighton Public School students

Labour Day 1952

Allen McMahon

Barbara Vagnini

Bill Peacock Jr. 1952

Bill Peacock Sr & Jr

Bill Peacock Jr '52

Bill Peacock Sr.

Bill Peacock Sr.

Bill Peacock Sr & Jr

Carlo Vagnini

Father Delaney

George Wagner


Jackie (Spit) Chenier (Cayen)

Lucy (Cayen) & Jack Sime

Marcel Cayen

Marcel Cayen

Marcel Cayen (left); others unknown

Mary Peacock and Bill

Mary Peacock, Patricia Cayen & Bill Peacock

Patricia (Tootsi) Vagnini

Patricia (Tootsie) Cayen II

RCAF Postcard

RCAF Postcard II

Tony Vagnini Family

Tony Vagnini Family II

Tony Vagnini Family III

Tony Vagnini & Marcel Cayen

Thanks to Pat Cayen!

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