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Miscellaneous 4

Photo Gallery - Misc pages - lacrosse players,  Brooks,
Jamieson, Luck, Staples, Fievoli, Cassell, etc

Poetry by Maureen (Maloney) Urso
Creighton Art
Qualifying Trade Certificate
Creighton Hockey Team 
Teen Bowlers
Bucket with Creighton painting
Marie Barbe Gonnella
Crawley & McCraken Boarding House
Boarding House II
Boarding House III
Hughes Street
Creighton Lacrosse Team
Lady bowlers 1945 - Brooks, Jamieson, Narasnek,
Kelly's store & Post office 1917
55-56 Hockey League Champs
Water Tower 1988
A lovely tribute to Elva Ainsworth
Founder/supporter of the Creighton Credit Union
Bowling 1969 - Jamieson, Kaspechuk, Peters, Joly, Seguin, Peacock

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