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Sherri McAuliffe Allen

Creighton is and always will be near and dear to my heart. My grandfather Grant Sharpe was raised there, as well as my mother Lynn Sharpe and then me. I lived in Creighton for the first 15 years of my life. I can't imagine having a better childhood. I have so many memories. I think my second home was the church and cabrini hall. I seem to have spent a lot of time at these two places. I joined the youth choir under the direction of the most beloved Mr. Cozzarini when I was just able to read. It was always a real treat at Christmas when Carmen Cozzarini would come home and lead the choir. We thought we sounded like real professionals. And every Friday night we would go to the Legion of Mary led by my godmother and aunt, Vi Maloney. I remember working at the Cabrini Hall for many of the Knights of Columbus dues and many weddings. When I was younger I was only allowed to coat check, but by age 12 I was serving up dinners for the lovely CWL ladies who worked in the kitchen (Mrs. Cozzarini, Mrs. Fabris, Madge Mitchell, Mrs. Corstanti to name a few). I remember going on choir trips and being annoyed because the alter servers got to come along. We went to Niagara Falls a couple of times, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie. It was always a great time and Benny Elmond was always at the wheel of the bus. St. Michael's was a major part of my youth, but so was the club. We use to spend time playing badminton, going to the library and bowling. Sometimes we would spot for bowling and Olga would pay us 15 cents. It really wasn't worth the money since half the time we were the targets of the bowling ball. We loved it anyway.
I love to go to Creighton in the summer and walk around and remember all the places we had to hide. We would go up on the rocks and play for hours, sometimes bringing picnic lunches and we wouldn't come home till dinner. I had so many relative who lived in Creighton, we were never short for someone to hang out with. I could go on all day about this town. Thank you Audrey for this wonderful site. There are so many stories about Creighton and the people who lived there. It is hard to believe there was life there before I came around, and it is nice to hear how others felt about this little place. My mother always mentioned names of people from her childhood, so I recognize a lot of the people who are here. The pictures put faces to those people. It is great.
I haven't travelled far from Creighton, I now live in Naughton with my husband of 1 month Jason. My three sisters Doreen, Lee-Ann and Jennifer all live in Walden and all have children of their own. My mom Lynn lives all the way out in Hagar, and my dad Jim McAuliffe passed away in 2001


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