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Barb Desjardins (Kinghorn)

 Well I have to say I can't stop coming to this site. I am hoping to see people here that I grow up with. Here is my story. I moved to Creighton back in 1969, we lived right next to the post office for a couple of years, then we moved up on Wavell St. I enjoyed the time that I spent here in Creighton meeting alot of wonderful families. Great fond memories. At the age of 21 I married a great guy from Garson by the name of Ron Desjardins. The day after we got married November 29,87 we moved to Burlington because we could not find work in Sudbury. In 1989 I had my first daughter Danielle. Then we moved to Hamilton where we bought our first home. I month before we moved in I had our second daughter Jacqueline. We lived in this home for about three years then i had our third daughter Lianne. At this time our three bedroom home was getting too small so we started looking for something bigger that is when we moved back to Burlington. I find this is a great place for our kids to grow up. I work down the street at a grocery store part time just to get out of the house. My husband works for a great tool company. We now have been married for 16 years. No we do not have any grandchildren yet. I do not keep in touch with anyone from Creighton because we moved to far away, but I would love too now that we have this web site. I try to get to Sudbury about twice a year. No I have not went on vacation anywhere, I love to stay close to home, even though my husband keeps asking me to go away. Maybe someday we will go away. I have so many fond memories about Creighton I don't know where to begin. Here are a few, The club it offered us many activities, it was a place where we can go to hang out with our friends. In the summer we would walk down to Meatbird lake and spend hours there swimming and work on a great tan. Once the club was closed down we all started to hang out at the miner store. You know Creighton was a great place to grow up, I don't ever recall anyone ever getting into trouble. All of my siblings also live down South. Suzanne lives in Brampton with her two sons and daughter. Ruth lives in Fort Erie with her husband Bill and there two daughters, Sandra lives in Kitchener with her husband Jim there twin boys and there daughter. Allan also lives in Brampton with his wife Norma and there baby girl. If anyone wants to chat I would love to hear from you.


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