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A few wonderful words from an old friend, Kathleen Kearney!

           Hi Audrie, I just finished a long session looking through  your  web site.  It is truly wonderful.  Often when my son was young i would pack a picnic lunch for him and i and we would go to Creighton.  We would sit in the warm sun on the "high rock" or across from the where the catholic church was located, munching quietly.  I always made sure he brought along some toys, so once he was occupied in his own creative world, i would sit back and close my eyes and let the memories find me.  We did this many times and he tells me he remembers these picnics,

I am surprised because mostly I was silent, but i think he may have sensed we were in a special place as I had told him many times how happy I had been growing up there.

I have not been there for a long time, my son is now 19, so your web site
has provided a new way to engage in those great thoughts and memories.  The fondness i feel when i remember my friends in Creighton always amazes me, it is like there is a never ending essence of good, like nothing bad ever happened there, like "magic" that life could be so simple, so innocent and safe.

It was a  coming together of so many cultures in my own family, living
there, my grandfather originated in Spain, my father in Ireland and sister's husband from Nova Scotia.  This was true of most families, is it any wonder we found this small town fascinating.  My father worked shift work, as many of you might remember, most of our dads did, there were times when the house had to be very quiet and I was so welcomed into so many homes at these times it felt like many homes were connected, that each had their door left open, and you were always welcome.  I cannot remember being alone, feeling bored or lost.  Some families truly showed me kindness, Wellings, Kasepchuk, Britton,  Behanna, Reid, Wagner (my godparents) Kiley, Seguin, Groulx,
Redman, VanClieaf, Vagnini and then there are just the good friends who equally enjoyed being content to sit together, on the steps of the Club, or at the rink or spotting-pins without much thought of anything beyond the boundaries that defined our little town.

I have rambled on a bit more than I intended, but I will visit this site
again, I have enjoyed the pictures, your dimples could never be forgotten.   I am curious that you have met another Kearney, I am not certain how we might be related but it is possible, I would be interested to know if you have some background information that might connect us.

Audrie, as you watch this site grow and evolve it must be very rewarding I hope it is and that you continue to urge others to participate, Earl's entry in the guest book caught my eye and into action to write this e-mail.  I am certain each new entry will continue to do so.