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I am writing my own lil history here - and assuming that my husband will FINALLY do more than sit back reading and viewing this site!  (pssst Earl?  you gotta do your own!)

We were married in October of '72, and by February of '75, we had two darling daughters!  On April 8th, 1976 (
2:17:36) the girls and I arrived in Thompson to join Earl, who came here to work.  (Perhaps the fact that I still know the exact moment my feet touched this frigid terrain reveals my reluctance to be here!)

We began fostering children when the girls were 6 and 7 years old, and continued for the next 10 years.  Over time, we had a hand in raising over 65 wonderful children - some for a week, some for 9 years - and some, we STILL have regular contact with.

I've gone through life with a one guiding thought - this is NOT a dress rehearsal!  Life is meant to live.  I would work at a job - until I found myself not smiling as I went out the door in the morning.   And then - I would move on to the next venture.  I have MEGA experience - but NO pension plan - which I hadn't really thought about in my youth!  hmmm...

Earl and I had a thriving Glamor photography business for a time period.  I have been a reporter, editor and finally owner of a local newspaper.  I have worked with the Government (
Family Services & Housing) off and on for many years, as the Foster Care Co-ordinator and a Family Preservation Worker.  For 8 years, I was employed as a Foster Care Development Worker for northern Manitoba.  Today I am the Foster Care Case Manager for Marymound - recruit, study, train and support families wanting to specialize in Treatment Foster Care.

Our girls live just moments away from us - we made a pact many years ago - if one moves, we ALL move!  Thus far, no one has moved (

We have 5 wonderful grandchildren, ranging in age from 3 years to 8 years.

I've maintained contact with Louise (
Weezy - apparently I am the only one that can call her that to her face - although I DO see her cringe when I say it!) Kiley Mitchell.  At one time, we were living very close to each other as Tony worked with the mine in Flin Flon.

Jack brought up a wonderful memory - the wood fire down at the skating rink!  As I read what he wrote, I could actually SMELL it again!  How well I remember those frozen toes!

I have many hobbies - webwork, scrapbooking, shopping, jewellery making, crocheting, shopping, keyboard (Yamaha), ceramics, shopping, selling for Regal and Home and Gift Collection, (
which blends in well with my other hobby - shopping!).

I have many wonderful memories of Creighton - I still chuckle when I think of how I drove poor Armenio to distraction with my curve ball!  One time, it would curve to the right, next time it would curve to the left - there was no rhyme nor reason!  Except that - I am ambidextrous - I would throw the bowling ball with whatever hand I picked it up with!

I never minded the Saturday blueberry picking; every child should have a Summer Hill to slide down in the winter; I remember all us students filing out of school on November 22, 1963 to attend St. Michael's Church - in honor of John Kennedy; I used to let my imagination run wild on the rocks between the Lively-Creighton road, and Snob Hill.  There was one large rock there - and time had worn a perfect seat into it - we would climb in and imagine ourselves in the cockpit of an airplane; I remember Millers farm down by the playground; and the skating pond out behind our home on Wavell - Creighton was a remarkable place for a child to grow up in - safe, filled with *nooks 'n crannies* and always a friendly face on the streets.  The fact that this website has drawn 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old former Creightonites, is testament to its' everlasting impact.

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