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Kathy (Healey) Kainulainen
Hi everyone.  I can't stop visiting this site.  It is so nice to be able to talk to the people that I have grew up with.   Creighton was a beautiful town and anyone that lived there will admit that we were all one big family.  I remember spending many nights at the club.  I really miss those days, but I am able to walk down memory lane once in awhile as I just live here in Naughton, Ontario.  I married Kerry Kainulainen, most of you probably knew that, as Kerry and I dated back in high school.  We have two children, Kris (20 years old) and Kayla 13.  Kris goes to college in Manitoba two months out of the year and then comes back home to do hands on training here in Sudbury.  He is taking aviation engineering.  Kayla just graduated out of george vanier public school and will be attending Lively High next year.  Kerry works at Jim's Automotive in Sudbury, and has been an automotive technician for 20 some years.  I went to Cambrian and got my certificate !
  as Junior Adminstrative Assistant.  I was working at the Sudbury Star until my illness put a sudden stop to that.  I have been on dialysis now for two and a half years, waiting for a liver and kidney transplant.  My doctor informed me that I have primary oxaluria which is when the liver produces to much oxalate in the blood stream forming kidney stones.  Over the years, I have had numerous kidney operations to remove these stones, which in time damaged the kidneys causing kidney failure.  But on a happier note I am doing well, I keep my head held high and remember that I have family and friends that are here to give support.  That is why it is so great to visit this site and to be able to still walk through creighton and remember all the great times I had there.  I still see Eileen Pinylo, she is the proud owner of "Sun and Spa" in Lively.   I go there quite often to visit her and we always talk about our Creighton days, lol.  She said that she still goes there to remember the good times.  It would be nice to have another reunion, just to be
able to see everyone again and their families.   Many of us can still walk through Creighton and remember where every house, church, and store was.  This is a part of my life that I will treasure in my heart forever.  It's so nice to be able to share this with my Creighton Family again.

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