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Aunt Alma in Creighton Mine

Aunt Mern (Gotro) with Connie & Judy - 1942

Cousins Lloyd and Marilyn Gotro

Creighton Station

Creighton Station

This is a picture of my dad (Norman Gotro) in 1935. He is 18 years old at this time.

Dad and Grandma Gotro - September 1949

This is one of my dad's class pictures, taken, I believe in 1925. My dad (Norman Gotro) is in the forth row, 3rd boy from the left.

This is another of my dad's class pictures, taken in 1925. There are students standing in the back of the class. My dad (Norman Gotro) is sitting in the back row directly in front of the last girl standing on the right.

This is another of my dad's class pictures taken in 1927. My dad (Norman Gotro) is sitting in the front row. He is the third boy in from the left.

Grandma and Grandpa Gotro

Grandma Gotro - Royal Conservatory of Music - Toronto

Grandma Gotro

Grandpa Gotro 1942

Grandpa Gotro

Grandpa Gotro and Aunt Alma

Uncle Roy, Aunt Mern, Aunt Alma, Grandma, 1934

Uncle Vernon, Billy and Barry

Uncle Vernon

Uncle Vernon

Uncle Vernon

Uncle Vernon

Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary, July 25, 1987

Mom and Dad Gotro mid 70's

Aunt Alma

Aunt Alma at Creighton Shines in '89

CPR station, 1934 - Grandma Alma

Catholic Church

Dad's birthplace, Oba Ontario

Grandma Gotro, Father Delaney and Michael at Manitoulin Island

I believe this was Crawley McCracken's boarding house - please correct me if I'm wrong

Priest's Residence - Father Regan

Uncle Vernon, 31 years old with 3 month old son

Uncle Vernon and son, approximately 1934

Uncle Victor - Canadian Army, 1944

Aunt Alma - 1930's

Aunt Alma 1934

Aunt Alma

Aunt Alma and Bobbie 1934

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Fred

Aunt Dorty and Uncle Fred - Port Arthur

Children of Norm Gotra 1960

Cousin Lloyd Gotro

Cousins Gerry and Lloyd

Gerry Gotro

Gotro Family - 1917

Grandma Gotro and baby Alma

Grandma Gotro and Mrs. Sharpe

Grandma Gotro in front of Station

Grandma Gotro with aunt Alma

Great grandma Tremblay

Norm Gotro 1917

Norm and his sister Alma Gotro

Power House 1915

Uncle Victor Gotro

Cousin Connie Gotro wedding

Party for Helen Wiznuk

Creighton Mind War Fund

Vera Wallace Jimmy Thompson Alma Gotro

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