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Gonella Photos

Gino Gonnella
Gino Gonnella 1931
Gino & Norma Gonnella
Gino & Norma Gonnella (3 and 4 years old)
Gino at First Communion
Norma at First Communion
Gino with Joe Gliebe's car
Gonnella Family 1937
Gonnella Home 1988
Gonnella Bakery Bill
Guiseppe Gonnella 1950
Guiseppe Gonnella and Bakery Cart
Gonnella Bread Wrap
Guiseppe and Angel Gonnella 1929
Guiseppe Gonnella - 1950
Guiseppe Gonnella - 1935
Larry Gonnella
Johnny Zanier 1928
Duke of Ellington

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