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Irene Gasiorowski May

Hello everyone -  I lived in Creighton until I was about 17 years old (I'm 50 now) on Albert Street with my 2 sisters, Betty and Susie.  I just found out about this site and I am so impressed with all the information and people's names that I haven't heard in so many years!  I have not been back to Creighton, but the memories I have are wonderful!  I live in London, Ontario, married for 25 years with one son.
Mrs. Fex, was my teacher in Grade 6 (I believe).  I think it was the year she got married because I remember her as Miss de Berger as well.  Some of my friends growing up were Linda Zatezalo, Denise Ethier, Gail Rowe (Albert Street area) and I think about all my classmates at the Public School.  I saw the picture of me in Mrs. Craigen's class (through Evelyn Ranta) and remember so well all my friends!  To name a few, Wayne Lucky, Wally Cassell, Alan Hreljac, Saul Sherbanuk, Dianna Bobbie, Bill Peacock, Vivian Cozzarini, Noreen Kelly, Michael Pierini ....
I remember so fondly skating at the rink, the shacks to warm up in, the club where I played a lot of badminton, bowling and just hanging out waiting for the boys!  I went to Marymount College and then Cambrian College for a year and then moved to London.
I haven't finished looking at all the site yet, but plan to!


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