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Erna and Alex Fex
Alex Fex and I were married on December 28, 1963....that's right that's 40 years ago this year ! We have 3 adult daughters who have all married and moved away. Our 3 grandchildren give us a great deal of joy constantly. The eldest, Emily,15, is in Gr. 10 already ! Our other two grandkids are 8 and 6 and live in Toronto. 6 year-old Trent is starting hockey this year. Those of you who know my husband will realize how excited he is about that ! He's already planning when we'll go down to watch his first game.

I retired from teaching 7 years ago and love the freedom to read and garden to my heart's content. Travelling is my other joy. Every 3 years I return to my roots in my birth-country Holland. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins live there and I love visiting them and some other parts of Europe as well. Usually some of my cousins and aunts come with me. Amsterdam is well worth at least one full day each time ! We've also been to Paris, Antwerp and Brussels several times.

Fondest memory of Creighton is the first day I entered the school to begin my teaching career. So many of the kids already knew me and called me by my first name. To think that I was now a teacher in the school where I had been a student was indeed a thrill for me!

My mother ( deceased in 1997 ), always said that Creighton was our home-town in Canada and she was absolutely right in all that implies. My father at 88 is still alive.



Alex and I have been married almost 43 years. After living in the Creighton - Lively area for 52 years of my life (41 of Alex's ) we sold our home and moved into Sudbury one year ago. The adjustment has not been an easy one for me but we are into the next stage of our life and we are now residing in a much smaller dwelling. (Less housework!!)
We have three adult daughters, Jacquie (Toronto), Michelle (Sudbury), and Allison.(Toronto) . We thoroughly  enjoy our three wonderful  grandchildren; Emily 17, Rachel 11, and Trent 8. We can hardly wait for the birth of our fourth one in September! I (Erna) have been retired  from teaching for 10 years this year. Unbelievable! Alex has been retired from Inco for 13 years and has been working in Real Estate ever since and is loving it!

My hobbies are; 1)writing for this fantastic website,  2) president of the Sudbury branch of Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO), 3) writing my memoirs, 4) St. Pius X CWL,  5) correspondence by "snail mail" and e-mail with my relatives and friends in Canada and Holland,  6) gardening , 7) our camp,  8) computer research,  9)  READING! 10) travelling whenever I can!
Alex's hobbies; 1) hockey (he plays 4 times a week!), 2) golf,  3) our camp at French River, 4) his many volunteer groups e.g. Credit Union, Sudbury Housing Authority, several other boards.
This brings you up to date on our family. Enjoy!
Erna & Alex.


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