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Denis Fabris

You're right Audrie its great to reminise but the future is and can be better. I've been married for 15 wonderful years to a great gal (Carol) originally from the maritimes. Been there a couple of times.  Halifax where carol is from is a great place to visit. I'm going to plug this place because this is where my parents first set foot in Canada. I did go to Pier 21 and probably walked the same route my parents did when they arrived here from Italy. My kids were quite intigued with the place once they knew this was where my roots in Canada began.

We have two children 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son who I am told is just like me (poor guy). I am in the electronic security business - Ya I install and service alarm systems.  Ottawa is a good place for this - I do a lot of systems for American embassy employees. The work is interesting to say the least. Closed circuit t.v. hidden cameras covert surveilance. Need me to spy on anyone for you (nudge nudge wink wink)

No grand children yet (that I know of) I'm not that old yet. My hobbies are anything that keeps me out of trouble. Actually Iam into trains . I spend alot of time building scale models of buildings to add to my train layout. I am currently working on some scale models of Creighton buildings believe it or not so I am anxiosly waiting for the map of Creighton to appear on the website to help me out. The headframe of the #3 shaft is well under way. If anyone out there knows what the actual size of the structure is let me know I'll do the math to scale it down. I am guessing right now.

Fondest memories of Creighton have to be the club , playing hockey at THE RINK , no one was too bad to play. You may have been the last one picked but you still played. None was to good or bad to play. It was all about killing time and having fun.

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