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 Only in a Small Town

March 21, 2004

There are many advantages to living in a small town where ‘everybody knows your name’, and  habits ! On Friday mornings I have my hair styled at Connie (Larson) Conners’” Hair Magic” salon. Wanda (Latendre) Cormier does my hair.  Also there on that morning are Donna Holmes, Helen Cassell, and Dot Morrison.  Creighton talk abounds about memories, people….who died, had a birthday, is not feeling well, etc. While this is happening Helen and Donna are folding towels, sweeping the floor (as taught to them by Sophie years ago), taking out curlers, in general making themselves useful. This is their day out and they make the most of it ! Mini-Creighton reunion every Friday.  This is where my story comes in . Last Friday I placed my glasses at Wanda’s station while getting my hair washed. Wanda combed out Dot’s hair and the ladies left. When she was finished with me, I reached for my glasses and realized immediately that those glasses were not mine. I couldn’t see ! Now what to do ? One of the ladies must have taken mine !  Wanda and Connie said oh, the ladies go for lunch at the coffee shop every Friday. Drive there and go and check it out, one of them must have your glasses ! Sure enough I found them exactly where they were supposed to be AND Dot Morrison was wearing my glasses. We traded them laughingly and I returned home marvelling at  the joy of  knowing people so well that what could have been a major problem, was so quickly resolved and with humour enjoyed by all !


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