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Florent DE BURGER 1915 – 2007


Family was always his first priority.
Made me feel special as I was his only daughter for 11 years.
Instilled a love of reading in me by his example.
Loved all sports – was very competitive!
Could discuss any subject – history, politics, and geography.
Had beautiful blue eyes which I will miss.
Had strong principles!
Had a wonderful smile which I will miss.
Loved horses!
Sometimes cheated at crib!
Tried to teach me to play pool – I was hopeless!
Loved his archery at the CBD (Canadian, Dutch, Belgian) Club in Wallaceburg.
Taught my daughters and other grandchildren how to shoot archery in the yard on Duncan St.
Always supportive to my daughters and my grandchildren.
Devout in his faith – prayed the Rosary 3 times daily for many years. Used to sleep with his Rosary under his pillow.
I always knew he loved me deeply, even though it was seldom spoken.
Risked his life to get milk for my baby brother Willy (born in 1944) when Mom did not have sufficient milk. He went into a farmer’s pasture to milk a cow but was shot at. We were not yet liberated then.
Could be stubborn!
Loved coffee anytime.
Would grab Mom to dance with her to music on the radio, in the kitchen. Loved to dance!
Inspiring care-giver to Mom when she was very ill. Observed him going down the basement to warm flannelette blankets for her in the dryer when she felt cold. Sight brought tears to my eyes – certainly a sign of deep devotion!
Speechless in his grief when my 16 year-old brother Willy was killed by a drunk driver in 1960 in Creighton.
“Heaviest burden he ever carried” when my baby sister Marianne died at age one in 1953 in Creighton - (Down’s Syndrome).
Amazing work ethic – never missed work unless he was very ill.
Visiting him at Copper Cliff Hospital in 1962 after his first heart attack at age 47.
Always glad to see me – made me glad that I had made the effort to come.
Great blueberry picker while living in Creighton!
Was proud of my accomplishments – becoming a teacher in 1962; achieving my BA at age 59. Came to Sudbury to attend the Convocation in 2000 when he was 84.
Always backed Mom in discipline matters.
Wore wooden shoes to garden as long as he was able.
Good sport – ready to try anything.
Fell asleep anywhere, any time!
Was fearful when my children were swimming while he was present.
Loved my three daughters deeply and delighted in their accomplishments.



BORN - December 2, 1915 – Clinge, The Netherlands.

DIED – June 15, 2007 – Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.



Love, Erna.

June 15, 2007

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