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April 1, 2004

As I think of Creighton, many memories, in random order, crowd into my mind…some memories which I hope will bring back recollections  of others.

  1. Moving to Creighton to what later became known as the Conservation Area and my mother crying, saying why are we going so far into the bush ?

  2. My first day at Creighton Mine Public School as a Gr. 5 pupil with Keith MacNaughton as my teacher.

  3. New friends.

  4. The overwhelming size (to me) and kindness of Miss Black.

  5. Father Regan’s wonderful Irish smile.

  6. My brother Willy’s death and the outpouring of love and warmth from Creightonites…never to be forgotten!

  7. Living at the Teachers’ Residence with Eileen Mulligan, Barb Fraser, Helen Hughes, Hugh Imerson, Jim Kaay, Muriel Bertrand, Lois Cramm. Party time!

  8. Our wedding reception at Cabrini Hall (where else ?) when some of my pupils came to see me there.

  9. Watching my husband skating on the school rink at night….he loved it !

  10. Joe Craigen coming to parent-teacher interviews when he was dying (son Paul was in my class).

  11. Getting a company house on Wavell St. next door to Enci and Helen (Marcinyshyn) Difillipo.

  12. My kids and everyone else’s playing on the street …everyone looking out for each others’ kids !

  13. Kids tobogganing down the small hill behind our house, squealing with delight !

  14. My 3-year old Jacquie picking just the blossoms off Mrs. Leblanc’s tulips bringing them to me both her hands full, Mrs. Leblanc right behind her in tears….had planned to give them to her mother on Mothers’ Day !

  15. Creighton Shines in ’89 !!!! We were all on a high !

  16. Father Regan lying in state in St. Michael’s.  A little piece of many Creightonites died then in Jan. 1976.

  17. Closing of St. Michael’s 1986.

  18. Audrie baby-sitting our children; also Lillian Cozzarini, Karen Mulligan and Connie Larson……..we left with no worries whatsoever !

  19. Library at the club.

  20. Reunion 2003 !

 Bet you can come up with your own list of 20 , or more, like this! Do it ! Great way to reminisce !


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