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Interesting Findings !

April 19. 2004

I spent one Saturday afternoon lately in the Lively branch of the public library… the Earl Mumford branch, due to the substantial contributions made by INCO to build it. In a filing cabinet at the back I came upon a vertical file containing most interesting material about Creighton and of course the mine where all our fathers, brothers, and uncles worked. In fact one family about which I read had 4/four members working there at one time…the Mynerich Family. They were Carlo and his three sons: Tony, Snug and John. The date was unfortunately difficult to see but I believe it was 1950.

Faye Jamieson was named Miss Credit Union – Sudbury Chapter, when she was 18 years old. She won out over 12 other contestants ! The Beauty of Creighton girls was not to be denied!

Another Creighton lovely who did our town proud was Miss Stella Koraluk (later Vagnini) who was crowned Miss Creighton at age 18. Stella was described in the article I read as “an ardent athlete, excelling in badminton, skating and skiing.” It was also noted that she had “blonde curls and flashing blue eyes” and danced at some function with Ontario Premier George Drew. The man definitely had a good eye for pretty girls.

Some of you probably remember that the original Creighton Mine Credit Union building was the town jail ! We really did have everything, didn’t we ? I vaguely remember hearing that a long time ago but had forgotten ‘til I read it.

When Lempi Stephenson retired in 1962 a huge surprise party was held for this remarkable nurse at (where else ?) the INCO Employees’ Club, better known as “The Club” by the rest of us. They gave some interesting information about her life. Lempi had been a nurse for 40+ years. She was born in Copper Cliff but her family moved to Creighton when she was 6 years old. One short year after her marriage to Dick Stephenson, he was tragically killed in an accident in the mine leaving Lempi with a 7 week old baby boy also named Dick. Dick later became a civil engineer. Lempi’s brothers: Jack, Frank, and John were all living at the old family farm with their mother and Lempi moved there after her retirement. The first baby she delivered in Creighton was John Dingwall of Lake Street.

William Regan wrote in an article that the St. Michael’s we knew was actually the second church by that name and was built in 1916-7.

What an enjoyable time I spent at the library ! My next visit of course will have to be to the Anderson Farm Museum, although curator Jim Fortin may already have sent in most of his data re: Creighton.

Enjoy !

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