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July 12, 2006

In 2003, while reading the Northern Life newspaper, a letter to the editor caught my eye as I knew the author of this letter very well. She was Audrie Jamieson Brooks who had been our babysitter when our daughters were little and we were living on Wavell Street in Creighton Mine, just down the street from Audrie and her parents . In her letter Audrie announced that she had devised a website called "Creighton Revisited" for all we Creightonites who had been born, lived in, or were associated with the town. She gave the website's address as and invited everyone who was interested, to sign the Guestbook.

    The response was overwhelming to say the least! To date, three years later, the website has received more than 35,000 hits! Former Creightonites living in all parts of Canada and the U.S.A., are still discovering the website for the very first time.  To say that it was, and is, a huge success is an understatement. The happiness expressed by people reconnecting with former friends, teachers, neighbours, is obvious. Renewed interest in former Creighton residents’ achievements, family events, has blossomed. The deep sense of our loss when INCO decided to demolish the town in 1986, has not dampened the Spirit of Creighton Mine. The proof of this is that on the third Sunday of September every year, there is a Creighton Reunion at the townsite. Never mind that there is nothing there. We all just gather and catch up and reminisce and renew friendships. The Creighton website has helped to make interested people aware and has had a huge effect on the turnout every year.

          We thank Audrie Jamieson Brooks for having the prescience and the skill to make “Creighton Revisited” a reality for us. Constant updates and new features keep the website fresh and current. She does this even though she resides in Thompson, Manitoba! We look forward to Audrie and her husband Earl being able to attend a Creighton Reunion in the near future so that we can express our collective appreciation to her personally. 

Erna Fex,

Awwww. that was so nice Erna, thank you!  It's been a great ride - and we've
only just begun!


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