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NOTE:  Thank you to Erna Fex for sharing this story with Creighton Revisited.

           I met Mr. Nick Sajatovic and Stella Goar on the street yesterday and Nick gave me some interesting information, namely that when the Creighton school was going to be torn down, he went and retrieved all the attendance registers and brought them to the school in Lively.  He told me where they are stored and that these official documents even contained information re: when someone was punished (the strap in those days).  He also told me  that our ever-sensitive lady (Miss Black) placed a pressed flower beside the names of the Creighton soldiers who died in WW 2 .

            Some people lost their ID in house fires and because of her meticulous record keeping, the information in the registers was accepted as proof of age and therefore enabled these people to obtain new birth certificates etc.  Classroom  registers are considered official documents and the principal is ultimately responsible for checking their accuracy, etc.  But that she went back into them to find the ex-student soldier’s name and put a flower beside his name as well as the date of death is truly amazing !