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Snookie Britton Barnett

This is Snookie Barnett (nee Britton).  I have lived and loved Creighton all my life.  No matter where I lived my heart was always at home.  At 17 years old I married Gerry Barnett.  He was from Hanmer at the time.  He later worked for Inco until his retirement in 1991.  We have 3 children.     (Kathleen, Mark & Don)  We boast 7 grandchildren, and soon 1 great grandchild. We are happily living in Brantford Ont. and 2 of our children and their families live here too, as well as my sister Jean and her family.  Our son Don lives in Wahnapetai.
Gerry and I are retired.  I never really worked out of the home except for selling liquid embroidery and teaching the art in night school.  Now Gerry has a pastime job as a school crossing guard and just loves his work as well he is so loved by the kids. We have a seasonal Kiosk where we sell for KITCHEN STOCK.  It is a fun little business and we make a fair buck.
Growing up, my best and dearest friend was and is Joyce Uttley.  We are still very close and she is very precious to me.  She is now married to Roger Paquette who was the butcher at Fievoli's.  They are a great couple and very dear friends.  My other school friends were Jeannette Charlebois, Jo-anne Delaney, Vera Wellings, Faye Lasalle, Doreen Kautto, Marilyn Anderson, Lorraine Galipeau, and last but not least Ann Hall.
The members of my family ( Sharpe's)  that I was closest to growing up was Jeanie Maloney (Stinson), Maureen Sharpe (Rupoli), Jim Sharpe, and most dearest CATHERINE MITCHELL.
We just got back from a vacation to the west coast through Canada and home through the USA (motoring).  We never really travelled anywhere because I was a coward to fly.  I've finally did it and now I love it.  We hope to go to Ireland soon and then Rome. 
My hobbies are many.  I will try anything.  My biggest pastime is painting or any art work.  I love to knit and crochet.  I volunteer at church and at the Myrtleville House Museum.  I dress in the fashions of the 1880's and just love that work. 
Anyone who remembers me will remember that I was a BIG Elvis fan.  Well I still am. 
I would have to say that my fondest memories of Creighton would just be CREIGHTON.  And then again my bestest, favouritest person there would have to be FR. REGAN. 

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