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Frank Armieri

I lived in Creighton with my parents from approximately 1952 until 1958. My father worked at Creighton Mine for 20 years, so even after we moved to Minnow Lake, we returned many times to visit friends. I remember visiting Victor and Cesira Fabris quite regularly. Even though I was quite young (born in 1951) I have many fond memories of Creighton - I remember some names of friends but unfortunately not sure about the last names - Myles (Lebreton?) Margaret (Sutton?) Dino and Dick Fabris. One other I called by his last name  - Pilon, a surname I've seen mentioned in this site quite often.

As far as I can remember we lived in two different apartments - above Fievoli's and one owned by the Carbone family - I'm not sure which came first, but I do remember rolling down the long stairs at Fievoli's so that may have been when I was a little older.

This may be boring but here are a couple of my fond memories, relating to Creighton - more for my benefit than anything else - as I get older, the memories get a little more foggy...

- Going to the movie theatre at Christmas - If I recall correctly, Inco used to sponsor a children's Christmas party every year - this may be ho hum by today's standards, but for a kid back then it was a major event

- Walking into St. Michaels Church, with my fireman's hat, huffing and puffing and calling out my parents name! How dare they not take me with them!! My dad still talks about how embarrassed they were - apparently I did it a second time with a headband and feather! (I don't remember that one but I do, the first).

- I remember the miners store, the barbershop, the bank, the restaurant, the playground - the  pictures that you've shared in this site are great - they helped confirm the fading images that I have.

- I remember a friend of my Dad's coming to visit us in Minnow Lake on his motorcycle - his name was Cowboy, and I guess they worked together at some point - I've seen his name mentioned on a tribute to Tom Davies - I never realized that Cowboy was a local celebrity!

In 1969, I returned to Creighton for a summer, working at #3 and 5 shafts as a student - I had specifically requested being assigned to Creighton Mine and  Inco was good enough to accommodate me.

I was living in Toronto when I heard about the decision to close down the town - I read about it in the Toronto Sun, an article by Paul Rimstead, who apparently also lived in Creighton at one time - if I recall, he mentioned that Eddie Shack in the same article, who also had some ties to Creighton. I know I cut out the article and saved it - when I find it, I'll forward it on for this site.

Keep up the great work! This site is a fantastic tribute to all who spent some of their lives in this wonderful town!!!

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