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Roger Alary

I left Creighton in 1954 joining the RCAF with my then best friend, Maurice Dennie.  We both ended up stationed in North Bay. We were released in 1957and I then Married Joan Reilly from Naughton.

I worked for Aer Nickel in Victoria Mines until it closed. I  went to work for Duncan Bros on
Douglas St, as a partsman, getting my firsts taste of sales.  After three years I then went to
Sudbury Motors on Regent St, in the same capacity.
I started a new sales career in 1963 when I became a territory salesman for The H. J. Heinz
co. I covered half of Sudbury to Sturgeon Falls. 

In 1968, I applied for a sales position with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. I was given a
huge territory from Sault Ste Marie to Wawa, to Hearst, Northwestern Quebec to North Bay.
Consequently I was hardly home.
I was transferred to Toronto in 1969, moving to Newmarket where we lived for 17 years.  I still
had the same territory up north and now had from Yonge street east to Kingston added.
It seemed that I always away.
In 1985, we were transferred to Goodyear's corporate head office in Akron Ohio. There I
was a marketing specialist in the General Products Division.  The division marketed all other
rubber products other than tires, mainly industrial belting, hoses, automotive aftermarket fan
belts and radiator hoses.  We lived in Akron for 5 years.
In 1990, we were transferred to Lincoln Nebraska.  I had marketing responsibility for a hose plant in Granford Quebec. Why? I am bilingual with French as my second language. It was good fit for
In 1991, I was transferred to Owen Sound ON. and then went to Bowmanville ON. in 1992,
where Goodyear has a conveyor belt manufacturing plant. We moved three times in a year
and a half. Not unusual for large corporations to do.
I retired in August 1998 after 31 years of service.  In all those years I traveled a great deal all
over Canada and the US, covering every state in the union except Alaska and all 10
Canadian provinces, many times.
After retiring, Joan and I moved to Sarnia in 1999 to be closer to the US border becomes
of my receiving a US pension from Goodyear.  We really love it here! Joan and I are travelers.
We love to camp, having been almost everywhere you can name on this northern continent.
We now haul our 5th wheel trailer to St. Petersburg Florida in the winter and spend 4 months
there near Madeira Beach.
We both enjoy good health and are thoroughly enjoying our retirement. We hope to enjoy many
more years.
Joan and I have 4 children, 3 boys and one girl ranging in age from 33 to 47.  Our oldest, Rob, lives in Barrie, our second oldest, Tim, lives in Colorado, our daughter, Joanne, is in Newmarket
and our youngest son, Joe, lives in Bradford.
We have 10 grandchildren, five of each. They range in ages, 6 to 19 years.
My Dad died in 1988, Mom in 1992, and Suzie in 1996. There is only my brother Gerry,
who lives in Barrie, and myself left from the Alary clan.

Memories of Creighton:

  • Friday night dances at the Club.
  • The walks from Snob Hill to the Creighton Restaurant.
  • The school bus rides to school with Bernie Tucker as the driver on old # 21.
  • The boys bowling league.
  • Swimming at Meatbird Lake.
  • Cross croutry skiing back of the tailings.
  • All the girls!!
  • The house parties at so many different houses.
  • Gene, Maurice, Marty, George, Doug, Tom, Walter, Bill, Dick, Bob.
  • All our neighbours.
  • The hikes back of Creighton.
  • Shooting rats at the dump.
  • Mosquitos and black flies.
  • Playing baseball at the old ball field.
  • Seeing Creighton beat the Copper Cliff Redman.
  • And so much more!


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