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WHAT FUN!  1954  Part I


This is another very large, and beautifully clear picture given its' age!  I am again, chopping
it into smaller chunks so we are able to see the faces.  What strikes me about this picture is -
how very different it is from your typical school portrait.  Look at the faces - these
kids are having a GREAT time - they are joking, looking away from the camera,
laughing - even Miss Black looks like she's fully enjoying herself!

We did have one remarkable photographer!
Thanks to Margaret (Peacock) McNeil for sending
this photo - she remembers some of the names
and they are listed below.  If you can add names to the individual photo's
it would be greatly appreciated.
If this page takes a longer time to load, it's because I've included the full picture at the bottom of the page.

Row 1:   Betty Fortune;  Jim Hutton;  Gloria Koskola;    ??;   Pat Murphy;  Madeline Sequin;  Frances Dowdell;  Cecil Johnston;
Row 2:   Steve Vrbancic;  David Sequin( not sure);  Bobby Boyer;  Patricia Conners;  ? ? ;  ? ? ;  Pauline ? ; Miss Black;  ? ? ;  ? ? ; Margaret Peacock;  Andrea Nesbitt;  Connie Gotro;  Billy Fortune;
Row 3:   Zenis Zyma;   Gloria Ann Vagnini;  ? ? ; Stella ? ;  Marie Barbe;  Greg Moffett;  ? Stephenson;   Gary Moffett; Carol Lopelle;  Conrad Miron;


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