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This picture is very large, and beautifully clear!  For this reason, I am chopping it into smaller chunks so we don't miss one of these
darling little faces!  Thanks to Margaret (Peacock) McNeil for sending this photo of the *flying up* ceremony.  She remembers some of the names
and they are listed below.  If you can add names to the individual photo's it would be greatly appreciated.

Row 1     ? McCloud twin; Wendy Drennan;  ? McCloud  twin; ?? ; Margaret Peacock; Patricia Mumford;


Row 2    ? ? ;  ? Magill;  ?? ; ?? ; Sheila Quinn;  Judy Massey; Bev Cassell; Gloria Lavigne;   ?? ; 
Joan Villeneuve
(Thanks Mary!);  Shirley Ingram;  Maureen Sharpe;


Row 3,   Heather Bennett;  ??;   ?? ;   ? Celestini;   ??; ??;  ? Kowtow(sp);  Frances Peacock;
Colleen Coyle;  Ann Coyle; Penny Drennan;


Your Name : Maureen Sharpe (Rupoli)
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Comments : This beautiful picture brought back so many lovely memories.   Thank you so much Margaret.


Your Name : Trudy Coyle Pelletier
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Comments : I was browsing through this wonderful site
and saw the pictures of the brownies flying up. I recognized
my two sisters. This of course would be the Coyle sisters.
They are Colleen and my other sister Ann. The smaller one is
Ann and the older is Colleen. I thank you so much for this site,
I am enjoying it and intend to forward the site address to the
rest of my family. By the way this weekend we are attending
my father's birthday. On August the 6th he will be 98 years
old and living with Colleen outside of Ottawa. Once again I
thank you and hope to hear from you. Trudy, the baby one,ha!!!!!

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