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This picture is very large, and beautifully clear!  For this reason, I am chopping it into smaller chunks so we don't miss one of these
darling little faces!  Thanks to Margaret (Peacock) McNeil for sending this photo of the *flying up* ceremony.
She remembers some of the names and they are listed below.  If you can add names to the individual photo's
it would be greatly appreciated.

Row 1     ? McCloud twin; Wendy Drennan;  ? McCloud  twin; ?? ; Margaret Peacock; Patricia Mumford;


Row 2    Joan Treviak;  Jane Magill;  Carolyn Ostychuk (thanks Vera),  Patsy Briggs (maybe?) (Thanks Mary); ?? ;
 Sheila Quinn;  Judy Massey; ?? ; Gloria Lavigne;   ?? ;  ??;  Shirley Ingram;  Maureen Sharpe;


Row 3,   Heather Bennett;  Mae Kierans;  Jeannie Palys ;   Nancy Celestini;   ??; ??;
? Kowtow(sp);  Frances Peacock; Colleen Coyle;  Ann Coyle; Penny Drennan;


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