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Doug Porteous & Erna Fex

Dick & Hazel Tremblay

Madge Mitchell: aged 92

Lena Semeniuk & siblings

Patsy Quinn

*The picture with Patsy Quinn and Judi Massey Zilio is precious as Patsy Quinn died unexpectedly this Spring. She never missed a reunion even though she lived in Toronto.

This is Beverly Cassell & Carolyn Ostashek - Carolyn had come from Ottawa - first time at reunion! Promised that she'd return in 2008

Pine Cove Girls - we all worked at Pine Cove Lodge, French River, in the 50's, owned at the time by Mr. & Mrs. Massey. I worked there for 4 summers and met Alex there too! (bonus!)

Cushnir sisters

Sally Davies, Tom Shannon

2007 Teachers

L. to R.= Helen Cassell, Lena Semeniuk, Lia Flabiano, Tom Shannon, Helen Hughes, Barbara Fraser.

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